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    Red face Hello

    Hi, I'm PeachyPup. I'm a new user on here. I'm a babyfur. Let me describe myself for you....


    Species: Wolf

    Colors/Markings: Green eyes, red coat, blue hair, blue face, and blue stripes on my ears.

    Age: 2

    Likes: Being silly, ice cream, sunny days, playing with friends.

    Dislikes: Naps, rainy days, vegetables.

    I hope to make some friends on here soon!

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    Welcome to Adisc peachypup

    Hope being here ends up being a great experience for you.

    Is there any possibility of you sharing with us some of your own attributes, other than just the attributes of your babyfur persona?

    Your hobbies, interests, if you've every been on a rollercoaster?

    Cheers xx

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    Welcome, Peachypub!

    As LushieCat already mentioned, perhaps you'd would like to tell us something about yourself? What are you up to in your free time especially?
    And maybe you would like to mention, why you joined adisc?

    Don't be afraid, we won't bite ^-^!

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    Welcome PeachyPup! Your name reminded me when I was about 8 I received a wind up toy where a soft fuzzy doggy would rise up out of a blue basket and bark three times and then go back into his basket and keep doing it until it wound down. I named him Peachy! Thank you for the memory!
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