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Thread: Why are you an adult baby?

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    Default Why are you an adult baby?

    For me being an adult baby appeals to my childlike personality I've always had, why grow up when you can imagine anything you want to be and play all day.
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    born this way babeh! xD Been little ever since i was little *giggles*

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    I'm more of an adult Toddler, but for me, Its just the fact that I feel my life has been a waste ever since then.
    It's like the only point in my life where It mattered at all was when I was little.
    It's mostly an attempt to have some meaning to my life, or at least have the illusion.

    This isn't the only reason, but I also suspect that I'm interested in this type of stuff is partly caused by My Aspergers.
    I Have latley been feeling "real" love for my stuffed animals, I'm smart enough to know that its because of my lack of ability to get real friends/lovers.
    In fact actually having a Girlfriend terrifies me, and a Boyfriend even more so. (I'm on the fence)

    And I mostly like to wear Plastic pants (by them selves only for feeling sake) And occasionally GoodNites, because of the softness against my skin.
    I seem to have some sort of sensory issue with touch, its very amplified and regular underwear and clothing are uncomfortable. I don't notice it usually, been wearing clothing for ever but when I'm not I just don't "Ach" as much.
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    Emotional trauma and lack of physical affection during my teen years, but heck, some stuff I just never grew out of

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor View Post
    They were fresh out of foot fetishes when my number came up.
    That's a good one, sometimes I've thought to myself ''when the fetishes were handed out, I got diapers.''

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    i think its just they way i was born but i really dont now it can also just be becuse my mom treated me so good as a baby/child that i never want to get out of that paradise becuse thats the way i see my early childhood as a paradise. but i also grow up with a mom that was a daycaretaker at her home since i was born to i was seventeen so stuff like diapers and other baby/kids things have always been i the house. so specialy diapers have been somthing i always liked but also other things like pacis bottles etc. that may have somthing to do with it. but when i think about it now i just want to relive those days as a littlee kid damn i wish i could go back there its actually make me sad sometimes that i cant sure i can do to some point in my mind but its just not really the same everything was different back then the way i saw the world was so magic..................

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