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    now i was playing the campaign for the cutting edge RTS game; Medieval 2: Total War, i was playing as the english, and while browsing the college of cardinals to see if i had any of decent standing... i uncovered this about one of my cardinals...

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    this picture prompts the very fair and reasonable question WTFIGO (WTF is going on)

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    lmao! and i thought RTS's were bland and boring! turns out they were just cross dressing...

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    well the pope died but the french bastard won, now my standing with the papal states is only about 60%, updates on this campaign... gunpowder has been discovered the mongols are finally coming in contact with people (the egyptians/ saracens). feel sorry for them... and i suffered my first ever land based defeat against a large scottish army.. (the large amount of reenforcements who comprised up to 60% of the TOTAL fihting force.. arrived just as my men got out of hiding so as to surprise my more heavily armoured foe (army mostly composed of irish mercenaries, like javalinmen and two handed axemen as well as some crossbow mercenaries... didnt help that the reenforcements arrived in a place way above my position so my crossboows couldnt fire properly.. but i was outnumbered and those javelinmen cant fight close quarters for crap. so yeah but i choose my battles very carefully and usually can best my foes but the ods just WERENT working

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