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Thread: Against the infantilism of women...

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    Exclamation Against the infantilism of women...

    I saw this amazing spoken word recital on YouTube arguing against the infantilism of women. And I can sort-of see where it's coming from.

    In the UK for the last decade or so, "school disco" club nights have become quite popular, where adults dress up in school uniforms with a kind of geek-chic style and listen to retro music from 20-ish years ago. It's just a fancy-dress nightclub event, essentially, (as you can see in the link below):

    School Disco Tickets - Buy School Disco Tickets

    The woman in the video was saying how creepy it is that grown men flirt suggestively with women dressed as 12 year old schoolgirls... And... I can see her point.

    And (to explain the title, in case things are different in your country), on the high street, "infantile" cupcakes seem to be the premium-price "fancy treat" for the chic urbanite, with their bright colours and decorations.

    For me, being "little" doesn't have that kind of complication because it's not sexual... But... I also don't have a problem with adults (those for whom is it sexual) getting together and dressing up however they like and doing whatever they want. So long as everyone involved is a consenting adult behind closed doors, where's the problem...?

    I suppose maybe the problem is (as the woman in the video sees it, perhaps) that, by infantilising adults, it somehow gives legitimacy to the reverse -- the "adultising" (i.e. sexualisation) of children.

    Anyway, it's a great poem (if that's the right word) and it got me thinking... so I thought I'd share it with you!

    Quote Originally Posted by Hollie McNish
    Jelly is back.
    The cupcake is back.
    And beside all Topshop tills
    Are those lollypop stacks.

    Big bowls of bubblegum
    For full grown-up mummies
    Next to popsocks and cherries;
    Why not nappies and dummies?
    I thought it was an interesting counterpoint to the usual nostalgia of being an AB...

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    That was a pretty good poem, I can deffinately see where she's coming from. I find it creepy too that grown men flirt with women dressed as young girls, but then again we're a community that largely enjoy wearing diapers and dressing up and acting like babies and young children, sexual or not a lot of people find that creepy and despite my own opinions being the contrary, I can see why.

    I find it kind of ironic that in the world we're living in today where children grow up so quickly, the whole adult infantile culture (adult onesies and these school disco nights etc.) is becoming increasingly popular, makes me wonder if there's a correlation.

    I don't really see it as a bad thing ultimately that society is taking a bit of a shift in this direction, I believe people should just dress and act however they're comfortable doing so (without brazenly offending other people).

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    I actually see nothing "pedophilic" about being attracted to grown women dressing and pretending they are children. I am and I ain't no pedophile. I see a woman "babied up" as clearly an adult who wants the same thing as I do. I think they look cute with pacifier, holding a plushie, and a romper with the bulge of their diaper very clear. As someone with CT instincts, I'd like it if my SO could do that (I won't ask if she doesn't want, of course, I know boundaries).

    Pedos want actual children. The pedos that make their GF dress up child-like want to pretend they are with children. Pedos either have no morality, or have urges so strong that they think they have to give in, moral or not (at least 90% of pedos fit in those two categories).

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    I've seen Asian anime where it seems like all the women in these features dress young. Something goes for a lot of their pornography. She is just doesn't really understand that the participants are willing and actually want to participate in the regressive behavior. I don't see nothing wrong with it. Couples often do things like this by role playing. It's very common. Just a lot of scenarios to play out. While it's not one's cup of tea, there's many others in to role playing.

    She needs to stop coming to blind conclusions and let people do what they want and not determine what is sexist. While she may not like the infantilism behavior in couples, she could be a person who likes to lick a frog's butthole. You never know.

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    Well... basically a big kind of misunderstanding. However, I like the video.

    While the idea by itself surely makes some sense, since... who wants to be a child again in the end, always? As mentioned in the... rap ;)... I want to be a woman, I want to wear tights and no pop socks.... and in my case I'll surely like some alcohol too, from time to time.
    Although there's nothing wrong, if someone wants to be and dress childish.

    Furthermore, which I think is completely wrong, is to think that this is the same as wanting to be in your 20's again if you're a really grown up person in your 40's+.
    That's not the same, it's not this typical "I don't want to grow old", always staying young and so on behaviour.
    There is no one running around wanting to get her breasts shrinked, their baby fat back and going to school again... or at least no sane person.
    And still, even grown up woman, or also boys can still behave childish, if they feel like it. This is already accepted in our society, at least a little bit in some cases.... and as you may now, boys don't grow up anyway, only their toys are getting more expensive.

    But this goes for woman, so it's a little bit different, still kinda the same. But most are actually raised, to be sweet, "don't do boyish things", always be nice and ask for anything politely. Although as Snowfall mentioned, at the moment, we kinda got this "grow up as fast as possible" scenario, very often. And later on a lot of people tend to go for activities, which really seem to be childish.... getting back something from your childhood? Who knows...

    In the end, it's a part from us. An extraneous influence which shapes us, simply put. And our society accepted that woman can be this way their whole life. Regarding purely the behaviour.
    Now we got the point of a kind of subculture around it. As you know, there is already since a long period the "lolita" style around. In my opinion it's kind of the same, just a construction that developed for this kind of behaviour, to live it freely.

    Now comes the point, where this has been thrown to a sexual style, openly. Nothing wrong about that in the end. It has nothing to do with pedophilia. It's still a grown up woman, with everything she may have and not have anymore from her youth. And that's the big difference.
    Surely it may seem weird that grown up men want some little dolls, figuratively speaking. But only 40~ years ago, most still had the classic role allocation. Men working - woman raising the children and taking care of the house. So maybe it's also a little desire from some this, i.e. an evolution to this affection.
    Although it's a big difference what someone may do and like in his private time, and how their relationship is handled in general.

    Furthermore, as already mentioned, they do this by their own free will. So it's alright. Everyone is different and has therefore a different taste and desires.
    From looking at it, you could just take it basically as a "fetish". And considering this... if no one get's hurt and forced, everything's alright.

    Anyway, this whole lolita & school girl style thingie at the moment is just... fashion, a subculture. It developed over time and in the end something else will replace it.
    And ultimately you can also simply dislike it, I think. We're individuals after all. And we all have a different kind of taste about which we like or don't like and what we may find sexy or not... =)
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    Quote Originally Posted by MeTaLMaNN1983 View Post
    While she may not like the infantilism behavior in couples, she could be a person who likes to lick a frog's butthole. You never know.
    lol that's hilarious. I agree theres nothing wrong with dressing up and role playing.

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    I think "infantilising" of women would probably be a more accurate title, but as it is it makes better click-bait ;-)

    I wish I could find a link for the Paedofinder General School Disco... but I can't you're gonna burn!

    Thinking back to my A-level Sociology, I remember Neil Postman writing about the "end of childhood" because of TV We all thought it was a bit silly at the time - what put me off at the time was his blaming it on "television" which made him sound like a mad old reactionary (what else was he going to pick on next? The Beatles and fish fingers?) Now-a-days I'm more persuaded. It's a complicated picture fraught with contradictions, but I think children and adults are becoming more equal, in the English speaking world anyway. I'd say it's partly driven by technology (I blame the internet and digital tech more than TV partly by fear of child abuse which made it important to "trust children" and educate them about the possible hostility of adults; partly it's the smaller family size creating a need for amongst children for companionship from parents; it's divorce meaning that teenage children becoming used to negotiating with and between their parents; young people living with parents longer due to high cost of housing and youth unemployment.... probably other things too.
    From the parental/adult side... well for the last 50 years no-one has wanted to be grown up and stuffy and square. Everyone wants to be "down with the kids" and now they really are. The truth is though that eating lollipops, or cup-cakes, or wearing a onesie, or building lego or watching My Little Pony doesn't make you a child... these are all "childish" things, but only because we associate them with children in our culture. The more that adults do them the less truly "childish" they become. There may be some people for whom these activities are attractive because they are "childish" (a few of them are on this forum I suspect ;-) but for most people they are enjoyable in themselves, not (or not primarily) due to their connotations.

    I understand why the infantilising of women appears especially sinister, it can perhaps seem like a way to make women seem less serious, grown up, powerful threatening to men, but I'm not sure that men in general like women to be that way, or that these trends weren't produced by women (probably women working in marketing departments.) I think the trends apply to both genders. Boris Johnson has a onesie, and David Cameron would quite like one - although in both cases it seems like it might be an attempt to be that little bit more Churchillian, getting fat through heavy drinking is probably unacceptable in politics now :-p

    I have never had a flashing aimed at me, but I have seen a flasher. I was in the car, driving out of a petrol station onto the main road. It was rural Scotland, it was the week after Christmas, it was cold, it was raining. He was standing there at the roadside, his eyes glazed, his face contorted with the look that now resides in my mental dictionary under "grim determination"... cock out, masturbating furiously. I'm sure there are some men like that who target school girls because of ephebophilia but there are others out there apparently willing to take their chances with the passing traffic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HokieABDL View Post
    Pedos want actual children. The pedos that make their GF dress up child-like want to pretend they are with children. Pedos either have no morality, or have urges so strong that they think they have to give in, moral or not (at least 90% of pedos fit in those two categories).
    Clearing up misconceptions that infantilists are related to pedophiles is something that is very important to the ABDL community, but I wanted to hear the perspective of the other side of the picture so I sought out an actual pedophile (online of course) to ask why they would risk the dangers of pursuing children when they could just find a consenting adult to ageplay with. Their response was that my question was kind of like asking a straight man why he wouldn't be attracted to a transwoman. No matter how well an ageplayer can "pass" as an actual child in both looks and mannerisms, they'll never be a real child. Pedophiles are exclusively attracted to children and nothing an adult can do will ever be enticing to them. To people who like adults dressed like sexy schoolgirls, it's the juxtaposition of an adult dressing like a child that is arousing, rather than the fact that they are imitating a child and this is like the next best thing they can get short of breaking the law.

    In response to the video, perhaps her lack of understanding could be cured by simply asking one of those girls why they do what they do rather than by derisively repeating that she "doesn't get it."

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    Oddly enough I think it's time to grow up a little here, the 'infantilisation' of women dressing as school girls is nothing new it used to be popular when I used to do bar work about 15 years ago and go far back enough you'll end up watching the old st trinians movies with men lusting over the sixth formers, I does not legitimise child sex it simply remindes us all.of those days at school when you were discovering you sexuality with raging hormones fancying girls in your class and trying to flirt with them, it's harmless fun unless it's rubbed in the face of real kids who may try to act like the grown ups they see

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    their is a difference between adults dressing like babies or and real babies and kids them selves.
    if your attracted to real babies and kids you have a problem and should seek help.

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