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Thread: How often do you use the chat?

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    Default How often do you use the chat?

    I have barely used it, only to come on and have a private channel. However, I may use the main room more in the future. How often do you use it?

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    I've very rarely used it, though I do want to be more active in it.

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    Fairly regularly. I have a separate xchat config that I use just for it.

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    I went in there frequently for a little while. Now I just pop in randomly.

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    Not often Some how moo and the mods messed up my trillan account on it.:P
    *Blames the mods for everything bad in his life*

    Ah but in all seriousness My normal IRC this got fughed up one day by some dumb virus. Along with internet explorer. And a few other art programs. Because of deleted files. XD Fucking dumb of me. So I need to re install a few of them.

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    I'm in there almost all the time, unless my net goes down for some reason, which is rare.

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