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Thread: Hiya! Nice to meet you!

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    Default Hiya! Nice to meet you!

    E-Er... Is the microphone on yet? Oh, ok, good. Well, my name is Ollie. First of all, I'm not an Australian. I'm a Thai, actually. (Note: Thailand is located in Southeast Asia) My name is actually "On", but Ollie is WAY fancier than On. Alright, enough bragging about my name, which nobody is going to care anyways. I'm 21 years old. Living in Bangkok, Thailand.

    I'm a bit new in this Diaper thing. It has been happening since I was twelve. I was too embarrassed and unskillful to buy a pack of diapers from my local store. And it's more complicated when I was still living with my parents. Finally, when I was nineteen, I moved out. This, I was finally able to buy diapers freely.

    I consider myself as a Diaper-Lover. Although, I'm also a babyfur!

    You see me like this, talkative and such. But I will only be like this to a person I know only. Normally, I would be shy.

    My fursona is a toddler puppy, around 3-5 years old. Brown fur, and still wearing diapers (If that's not obvious enough). My fursona is shy, sensitive and scared easily. In Roleplays, he would be the first target of the bullies.

    Alright, I think that's about it. If you don't mind, please Like, Favorite and Su... Wait this isn't YouTube... Well, if you have any questions or so, reply below.

    It's a pleasure and an honor meeting you guys! Hope that we can get along!


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    Hi Ollie!

    Welcome to ADISC. We like to get to know people here and I think you sound interesting! I'm curious if you've been to any other country either than Thailand and if you could describe to someone living in the states like me what your experience living in Thailand has been like? Just a curiosity of mine. I plan on visiting in about a year, but that is MUCH different than growing up there!

    It's cool that you are a babyfur, I'm one too! Though I'm still working out all of my words and fursona and such. Do you have any other hobbies or interests either than DL and your toddler puppy getting teased?

    Looking forward to your answers,


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    Hiya, BabyKittyKat.

    About traveling, I've been to many countries, Switzerland, Hong Kong, etc. Including the States too I have relatives there at Cerritos, CA. Well, living here is hot, I can tell you. VERY HOT. Haha, well, other than that, there's not much of a deal. We don't speak too good of an English (mine's a special case :P), but we WILL try to communicate. There aren't that many diaper-lovers or even a babyfur in Thailand. I have met only one diaper-lover in Thailand (On Dailydiapers). I think we don't accept this diaper-wearing thingy...

    About other interests... meh... I don't really have other things to do... Although, I play Bass guitar... that DOES count as a hobby, right? Heh.

    Oh, and so far, nobody in my house (Well, I live alone now... Let's say, family) knows that I'm a diaper-lover and a babyfur, since if they know, they'll kill me :S

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    Welcome, Ollie!

    It's always so exciting to meet other babyfurs, and a puppy no less! How cute! I'm a bit of a puppy myself, and in the same age range (3-5 ish). Although I'm a bit more bear than puppy. Like a... Puppybear or a Beardog... Yeah it's weird I guess. ^.^

    It's also super wonderful to meet a cub from such a different place! I'm a sheltered little pup, so I love hearing about other countries.

    Have you had any artwork made of your lil puppy persona? I would absolutely love to see it!

    Also I'm curious how you can to discover the furry/babyfur community. It's really a wonder how the web has made our big old world so much smaller, particularly for those of us with waggy little tails! I'm happy that even though you don't know many local cubs that you're able to meet us all around the world!

    Back when I was a teen I had to discover furry community in the back of a comic book and then later on via the Internet. Was it a similar thing for you? An accidental discovery that coincided with a dormant animal spirit thing? That was pretty much my story, at any rate.

    Anyhow, I ramble on. Thanks again for joining us! I hope to get to know you a bit better sometime!

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