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Thread: tried new way of wearing diaper

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    Default tried new way of wearing diaper

    In the past I have used lots of multi layer diapers and tena pads. I got to thinking what would it be like to take the tena overnight pad and cut slits in the sticky side, then to put that sticky side so that it was pressed between my legs and up front and between my butt cheeks. This way I could tuck my penis between my legs and have it so that it stayed in place better.

    Well the results was guite interesting. I did that and then just put on one tena overnight diaper and a depends plastic outer layer diaper. When I peed the pee went right into the pad and I could feel it swell up nicely. The strange thing was as I was driving to work the fact that I was pressed into a wet pad caused me to just leak and leak. I stopped at the coffee house and it just kept happening. I sure did not expect that to happen but was so happy it did. It really does feel as if I am incontinent due to the constant feeling of leaking.

    Wonder if anyone else has tried this?

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    Having a really tough time picturing what you're describing here.

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    I was reading with rapt attention, and then you said, "driving to work". Yikes! I wouldn't want to arrive to work wet and smelling like pee. To each his own, I suppose.

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