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Thread: Speaking of Baby Strollers...

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    Smile Speaking of Baby Strollers...

    This ebay listing brought a smile to my face: Excellent condition red vintage baby stroller with box - eBay (item 260324752949 end time Dec-10-08 13:16:43 PST)

    The first ever I had opportunity to get into, as an adult, was this exact make/model Peterson stroller from the early '70s. It belonged to a cousin of mine. She and her husband stored a few baby gear items in our basement back just before I was married. After everyone went to bed, I'd slip down to the basement to have a little AB fun. It felt so good to finally be sitting in a stroller, one of my most wanted baby items at the time. If this one didn't have such a high opening bid I'd love to add it to my collection. Have to keep it on my watchlist.


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    It actually looks big enough for a slim built adult, and sturdy enough to hold the weight of a light adult.

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    You're right, Eclipse! This style stroller, which was so prevalent back in the 1960s and '70s, is very strong and durable. Counting the similar one I bought for our children in 1986, I have three of these types in my collection. I've gotten into them several times and they don't even sag with my 145lb weight. With a 32" waist and about 35" hips I can still fit into the seat comfortably. The only weak point is the snaps on the upholstery. Sometimes one will pop loose and need to be re-snapped. Other than that, I could roll around in one of these for a long time and not hurt it one bit. Can't say that about some of the plastic-y models they make today.


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