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Thread: I finally told her!

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    Default I finally told her!

    I know it's posted about all the time, but I want to share my experience from earlier today.

    Background- My girlfriend and I have been dating for 4 months. We have both been extremely open and honest with each other about everything. Although I've had several girlfriends for longer than 4 months, I have something special with this girl. She really is the love of my life.

    Because of this, I really wanted to tell her about my DL side, but because of the same reason, I was scared to death. I've never told anyone and honestly didn't plan on it. But I knew I needed to tell her, because hiding it from her was eating away at me on the inside.

    Back to the story: Today was not a very great day. I got really fristrated and yelled at her for the first time, because she wanted to know what was wrong, and I wouldn't tell her why, which I always tell her. (This is not about the DL side of me) I was just really upset at myself for deciding to leave the city for college, and leave her behind. (We've already worked out what we're doing, and we are staying together!!!) Anyways I finally broke down to her and we had a long talk. A few hours later I was thinking about how lucky I am to have a girlfriend as accepting and supportive as her, and tyen my DL side fame to mind, and I just thought to myself I can't NOT tell her anymore. So about 15 minutes later we were alone and I told her. Shelooked at me for a second and then said ok... Then asked why diapers? And I told her I had no clue, it just had always been in me to want to wear them, and that they were a fetish of mine. We talked a little bit more, and she was really accepting!!! (Not that I doubted her, I was just scared) Her comments after that we're "At least you're set for when you get older!" And "when I'm older and in diapers you'll be turned on all the time " and she just laughed.

    This completely turned my day around. I finally told someone, someone I actually trust, and someone who won't judge me. She told me she loves me even more, and she's proud I can be that honestwith her. I told her I wasn't asking her to participate, I just felt she needed to know.

    Moral of the night: it's important for your significant other to know at some point not too far into a relationship, but not too soon either. This person must also be really accepting and open minded. It will bring you closer together, and if you're anything like me, it'll take a huge weight off of your shoulders!!!

    On a side note, goodnight and happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there!

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    sounds like she really is the love of your life.

    goodluck to you both

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    Good work. I totally agree that once it's out in the air with your partner - it feels so much better.

    I hope the future brings good will and plenty of good times

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    I completely agree. When I started dating my wife she knew within a week. Please keep in mind though, feelings and thoughts change in relationships. Sometimes for the good and other times for the not so good. I have found in my own personal relationship as an adult baby sissy that the key through these changes has always been honesty and love. Love will overcome any obstacle, even diapers and a pink pair of panties.

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