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Thread: type of companion ship you like

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    Default type of companion ship you like

    Just wondering what compney everybody like people or animals...I like animals less complaints

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    They're all different. Family, close friends, friendly acquaintances, strangers, pets, my own company. I like all of them in moderation.

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    All? Honestly, I wouldn't want to miss one. Even if especially my family is sometimes annoying as hell probably, especially on the holidays, if we're all together.
    This goes wrong, always. Be it a simple dispute or anyone, they like to pick out for a big conversation to have of this person. I hate it really if my grandma is trying to bring up the "Am I soon going to be a great-grandmother?" topic.... grr

    I guess a big reason, that I'm keeping a little bit of distance is also, that I'm kind of introvert. I like to talk... surely, but I'm not that much into smalltalks... I don't like them. If I can bring up a special topic, it's mostly okay...

    So in the end, I like to have a lot of time for myself simply. Which is not wrong, I suppose. I'm still keeping contact with everyone somehow. I'm going out with my friends. But i'm not the 3days+/week party person. 1 day is enough, if there is something special... 2 days.

    But... well I like to have some hours just for myself, except that my cat is still with me and I love his company a lot. Furthermore it's mutual, figuratively speaking, since he knows if I'm not in the mood for anything, or knows how to approach me in this case, and I see or feel if he wants his free space.

    Ultimately, I prefer not the company from anything over the other, both are important I think. So I don't mind, which it will be and I will strive for the other kind of company over time.
    Except... talking with fleas would be kinda hard I imagine ^_-, so in this case, this would be a fast strive for company. Just kidding.

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    I'm an educator and a musician, so I have to enjoy people, which I do. I suspect that we drift into jobs which coincide with our personality and attributes. I certainly value my friendships with people first and animals, especially dogs, second. I love my family, my wife and kids. Nothing could replace the joy I derive from them. I love my dog and we all live in harmony.

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    i don't want to live with any creature who walks around on it's hands, and or can't be taught to use a porcelain throne proficiently, and by it's self..... nor do i want to live with another human who harbors such affection for such creatures unless said human is willing to keep their creatures out of the house. i may make an exception for a very small exceedingly clean lap-dog at some point as needed (but not needed by me). fish are not a problem if their owner is immaculate in their up-keep. birds, rodents and reptiles need not apply....

    i do not need to be around people all the time, nor even half the time, but i do prefer folks with bi-gender experience. i don't have the need for a lot of friends, but the few friends that i do chose know the meaning of allegiance, honesty and honor. or they are not long my friends.... i will help anyone who will help themselves (and others). and i can ignore those who won't. i very strongly believe in a person having principles. and that if ones principles were a flag, and one ran them up a flag pole.... said flag should not simply flap to leeward in the wind regardless of how hard it blows....

    lastly, i have always lived by the ideal that there are two things worth dying for; that guy who stands beside you (who ever they are), and that flag....

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    A good mixture is good. I'm a dog walker so I'm surrounded by dogs. My dog sleeps on my bed at night as well however dogs can't give everything. They can't give you a kiss or a hug as well as a human. So I prefer a good balance of animal and human companionship.

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    People, because animals are more of a responsibility and my heart for them dried up years ago.

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    Why what happened?

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    Animals offer different companionship traits than People, yet even at the core a human is just an animal. I choose Animals. =P
    Animals tend to be a bit more genuine with thier motives, however some people also can be genuine.
    I think I would miss the art of conversation if I didn't have people to talk with.

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    Animals first, they are honest and they care for me, they rarely lie.
    Furries second, they tend to be more loving than normal humans.
    Humans third. It takes me a long time to trust them.

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