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Thread: AB/DL vs 12-step recovery

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    Default AB/DL vs 12-step recovery

    The pretext of 12-step groups is that alcoholism/ addiction are manifest of unhealthy coping behaviors, a form of acting out that hurts the individuals and others around them

    Diapers and dressing up aren't done with the intent on hurting anyone; it could also be considered a coping behavior.

    My real question is: is there room for What We Do in working a recovery program? I'm one of those people who learned I can't drink like a normal person and discovered it's much more fun to wear, wet and occasionally mess diapers and as far as I can tell the desire and practice hasn't interfered with my ability to function. I'm only afraid that others in the rooms may consider it something to be 'cured' of.

    Anyone have experience with this?

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    As someone who's been to AA meetings, I would be shocked if there's not at least one AB/DL in your meeting. But still, I wouldn't recommend it. You're still going to be seen as weird by many of them the people in there. It would probably be much more appropriate to talk about coping this way with your therapist or sponsor (if they're pretty openminded).

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    Yes, since they don't understand infantilism, I think they would think that wearing diapers was a very bad coping devise, exchanging one harmful thing for another. I've seen people on this site who have let diapers so dominate their life that I believe it has hurt them. Non AB/DLs would probably see it in that light, rather than how most of us indulge, with some sort of moderation.

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