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Thread: One step closer to acceptance

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    Smile One step closer to acceptance

    Today I said to a really, really, really, really trusty friend that I had something important to tell her. I told her that it was a part of me that I hid from everybody around and that I'll reveal it to her when I'm ready.

    I found the only person around me the will understand my DLism and not judge me for it. I just have to muster the courage to say it.

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    I told my girl friend years ago ... .haven't looked back since!

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    Wow that's a big step. It sounds like you've found someone you can confide in which is great. I hope this brings some solace to you in this often awkward position people are thrown into because of their sexuality.

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    That friend is the person I trust the most. She's really open minded and I'm sure she'll understand.

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    I think it's important to ask yourself, why do you find a need to tell her? I suppose everyone wants acceptance from somebody. I have found that the best acceptance is from someone you love and intend to spend the rest of your life with. In this case, it's something you can share and have some give and take. If she is just a friend, I'm wondering what this will accomplish?

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    I think that my DLism weights on me the most because I have to hide from erverybody around me. My parents wouldn't understand and my other friends would call me a freak, but her, she's different.

    I have a special connection with her. She's the person I trust most in my life and I'm dead serious about that. I feel that I would be able to live. Better with my DLism if at least someone knows and accept me for who I am.

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    I managed to pluck up the courage to tell my partner. Although I yet to use anything in front of her yet. She's actually more than happy to play along when I'm ready to.

    If you really feel she's going to be ok with it, it's definitely the best feeling to feel accepted for who you are.


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    You really sound sure she is somebody you can trust. Go ahead. Maybe figure out how to say it in before, but give it a try.
    I did the same a few months back and it was the best decision I made this year. Having someone to talk to about this part of me did a lot for me and her reaction was very positive.

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    Well, I'm pretty confident it's going to help me. Thanks a lot for your support everybody.

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    I recently told my long time friend. we have a special connection in she was/is my dive buddy and we have put our lives in each other hands on more then one occasion. I did ask her to go out with me and after a while we realized that we where very good friends and it needed to stay at that level. We ahve helped each other on more then one occassion through some real hard times. I "lead her on" for a couple of months that I had a problem/secrete that I was working through and when I was ready I would tell her. I did and it was a very aucward (sorry for the spelling) phone call. We have texted back and forth since then but I am still a little concerned about the next time we meet.

    So good luck

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