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    Hi there,

    So I'll start by saying this thread might need to be moved, but since the restructuring, zero folks read the mature forum, because we're all mature, and I'd like some feedback. So, if this needs moved, please move it. Anywho,

    So the wife left to visit back home (she's back now) and I was soooo stoked to be able to wear and use and whatever while she was gone. The first night was great! The second night was OK! The third...never happened. No padding for 2 weeks after that. Now, it should be mentioned, my wife has become an active (sexual) participant in my little...thing. And, I have kiddos I needed to care for without a partner.

    After those few nights, I had zero desire for diapers. It sucked! I waited for 6 months for that time alone (albeit with kiddos)!

    Then, on Tuesday, the wife came back. It was great! I had waited for her return for weeks! Finally, no stress about...not wearing diapers.

    Then, after we welcomed her home (in an adult fashion), my diaper desires returned, in full force. After making woopie, I padded up. Quickly.

    The question: I'm DL 90% I'd assume. Are my diaper issues when she's gone related to sex drive? I don't want anyone except her. So, when she was gone, my drive evaporated. When she came back, I had "access" so I thought the diaper days were in the process of becoming "behind me". But it seems that sexual access was rather a trigger into my DLism.

    Any thoughts? In a way, this seems a little...backwards.

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    It doesn't sound that weird to me. I think you've just attached your desires to your wife and your relationship with her is part of the security/ comfort you get from being little. No her no little. I bet your glad to have her.

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    You just had a mild binge and purge session. Kind of like being burned out a bit. Some of us don't wear constantly because of the burn out effect. No worries its normal.

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    Being solely responsible for the kids is about as far from alone as you can get. My guess is you were preoccupied with them and more or less forgot about diapers. That's how that works if your diaper love is in a healthy spot in your priorities.

    I, on the other hand, am looking forward to a solid month (June-July) with the wife out of town. No kids. And hoping against hope that other relatives don't have to move in with me before then.

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    it sounds like me. I had one night that my wife was gone with the three kids. I was really excited to go home and put a diaper on. I put one on and it did nothing for me that night. I figured it's because I get a thrill doing something I know is taboo to my wife. I like to get busted.....if I can only get her to play along.

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