View Poll Results: If given the opportunity, would you rather baby or be babied?

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  • I would like to be treated like a baby.

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  • I would like to treat someone else like a baby.

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  • Both.

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  • Neither/I don't care.

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Thread: If given the opportunity...

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    Default If given the opportunity...

    ...would you opt to be "babied" or to "baby" someone? I would not opt to be babied, it just seems too awkward. I look upon myself as more of a "daddy", anyway. How about you?

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    I would prefer to be babied, but not on a full time basis
    if I had a girl freind or wife that was into ab/dl I would maybe baby her.

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    I think I would feel more comfortable having someone(baby) or dominate me, but I wouldn't feel comfortable doing it to others I guess I'm just the submissive type.

    So if someone wanted me to be a baby I would, but I don't see myself as a caregiver.

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    I've had the opportunity and I prefer being babied, although both are fun. It's just about your preferences though, one is not inherently better than the other.

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    I voted both, seeing as I have RL experience in both and have no problem with taking either role. It depends on who the other person is and what their interests are.


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    I would definitely prefer to be babied. I don't have the confidence to take on the role of a 'Daddy', and I really can't imagine me good at it. I would do it for someone but I would fear they wouldn't enjoy it. So I being babied would be far better, IMO.

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    I said babied..

    it's what I've always done... but to be fair, I may be stepping into babying this week.
    I'm open to both, I think.

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    I would definately like to play big bro and lean more towards that but I can also see myself enjoying to regress for a little while. Letting everything go and just having a good time is very appealing to me, especially now with all my chemistry and history homework piling up.

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    I always want to be babied. I can offer support and sympathy to others if they need it, but I don't really have the ability to properly look after anyone. Whereas I like to be babied as much as is possible/reasonable; the world is a confusing place and you need a break!

    I like hanging out with other people who are "little" too though, so we're on the level of equals and we don't really look after each other, we're just little together.

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    i would deff. prefer to be babied, but i chose BOTH. as much as i like the idea of being taken care of, i would love to baby my girlfriend sometime.

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