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Thread: Pampers: Baby-Dry 6 Sides vs Cruisers 7 Sides

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    Default Pampers: Baby-Dry 6 Sides vs Cruisers 7 Sides

    I recently used some Cruisers size 7 and noticed something, the sides don't stretch as much as the Baby-Dry's. I wore a Cruisers and the elastic ended up pulling apart from the tabs, plus the tabs don't adhere unless they're on the material with the Sesame Street Characters.

    But when I use the Baby-Dry, the tapes adhere everywhere and the sides don't tear.

    Considering the size difference, did I use a faulty package of Cruisers, or did they change the material on them.

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    I've not noticed that problem on the Cruisers. That's how the older-style Cruisers used to be, but the newest ones don't do that anymore. I used to just put a staple where the tab meets the elastic. It worked great! Sounds like you might have gotten an older pack.

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    I haven't experienced that problem with the cruisers, but I have had a pack of faulty Luvs before. The closures on the cruisers are the same as the baby dry, just different colors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thatperson View Post
    Considering the size difference, did I use a faulty package of Cruisers, or did they change the material on them.
    Hey, Thatperson. Well, firstly, Cruisers 7 and Baby Dry 6 are the same size. Secondly, you probably didn't get a faulty batch, and yes, they did change the material. One of the things I came to realize shortly after creating that last thread is that the fabric cover on the wings also got thicker. (Pampers elastic is just a strip of rubber with a cloth backing on it.) That means you need to take a bit more care when stretching them as they're stiffer, and so you'll end up exerting a lot more force on the seams if you just sit on the diaper immediately and go to tape it on. Instead, you really need to pre-stretch the wings, and carefully. Do this one wing at a time, grasping by the seams where the wing meets the diaper on one end and the tape on the other, then pull slowly until you've gotten the needed length. You can ease this a little by carefully peeling the cloth backing off the wings, but then you'll have rubber directly against your skin, and that's not too comfortable.

    I bought a new bag of Cruisers 7 last week, and I just went and grabbed one. I've stretched it out to 40" tape-to-tape, just like in this picture, so I know it can still be done. It does take just a bit more care, though.

    The elastic on Baby Dry and Luvs (and the older Cruisers) is a bit stretchier, however it won't go as far. A lot of this, at least in my experience, comes down to the seams; they're stronger on Cruisers. Baby Dry has gotten better in the last year or so, but a lot of times, when I go to stretch a Baby Dry or Luvs diaper, the tapes will literally slip right off of the elastic. D'oh!

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