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Thread: This might not be in the right category, but...

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    Default This might not be in the right category, but...

    Do any of you silly internet folk cheat at chillun's board games? Like Operation (cheat big-big!), Ants in the Pants, Monopoly, ect? It's pretty neat to do it, then have everyone call you out on it, and just play dumb like you didn't, and then they- whatever, I'm raaaambling.

    So do you? It's a riot!

    Also: Is this in the wrong category? I mean, this is about games, but are the threads supposed to be about video games, or is it anything goes? 'Cause there are some pretty silly threads that- ok, I think it's kosher.

    You folks have a super day! P-p-p-p-pizza!

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    If you are referring to online board games, I wouldn't think people cheat at them a lot.
    Same goes to actual board games; It kind of ruins the game.

    Cheating at a single player campaign game, is a little more common.
    I do that a bunch because I want to experience the story of the game and not get stuck by something that annoys me.

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