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Thread: That knock on the door!

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    Lightbulb That knock on the door!

    The other day after work I came home to "Relax" you know, with a really thick bambino and cloth diaper over the top and plastic pants. i mean really relaxing and then all of the sudden. The "knock" holy crap my heart was racing and looked thru the peep hole and my friend was like hey man i can see you, open up!. So i ran to my room and stripped all the thickness off. threw on a pair of shorts. Answered the door and they were like what the hell, what are you doing in there. I said i was in my goin commando and had to put some clothes on sheesh!!! I think they are very suspicious but that was a few days ago. No mention or discussion since, but wow that was close!!!

    Any close calls to share?

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    Plenty for me! I have a friend who lives across the corridor from me and often turns up unannounced even if we agreed a evening separated (for whatever reason eg. doing work).

    Just this evening I'm lying in bed with me Dry Nights, blanket and plastic sheet to protect my bed and then knock. Then another knock. Damn, I just take this thing off and answer.. wait no.. the plastic sheet... I was half asleep.. that'll do. 5 mins later went to go knock on her door instead so she couldn't come into mine.

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    Man that must have been scary! I had a similar experience once. I had just gotten out of the shower and diapered up after a long day at work. I sat on the futon in my living room in nothing but a t-shirt and a bambino snuggling with my favorite plushie and drinking out of a sippy cup. Just as I had gotten relaxed, I hear my roommate start to unlock the door. Now my roommate and I have both been the best of friends ever since freshman year in high school and we are very open about stuff with each other, he even was one of the first people to know about me being trans, but I never told him about me being an AB. I looked around for something to cover myself and my ab stuff up with, but there were no blankets to be found. I jumped behind the futon to stay out of his line of vision. He walked in and stared at me and said "What are you doing?" I yelled back at him "I just got out of the shower! What are you doing home anyways?" He plainly stated that he felt sick and left work early to get some sleep and after some coaxing from me, he went into his room. The next morning he asked me what a sippy cup and a plushie were doing on the table. I told him I was going through some of my old childhood things that I found. Although I don't think he fully believed me but he dropped the subject and didn't bring it up again.

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    Plenty of close ones here, therefore I mostly wear under clothes or have a pair of pants at the ready. On the rare occasions I get quality alone time I'm constantly listening for one of the cars pulling into the driveway

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    I got walked in on while wearing just a diaper by my girlfriend's roommate who was supposed to be out of town. It. Was. Awful. Especially since it was a bambino classico. Thankfully, my girlfriend (now wife) and I moved across the country together a few days later so I could start law school.

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    We got a puppy last summer, and I was walking her in our front yard when she got me up. I had a very wet diaper on under some thin sports shorts, and a long t-shirt. Suddenly I see this car stop in front of me and then pull into our driveway. It was one of my best friends and a bass in my church choir. He owns his own clock shop and he was out on a "repair". He saw me with the new puppy and had to stop and say hello. Our golden retriever is actually a veloceraptor, and she was running frantic fun circles around me, pulling at her leash and having a great time. My friend just laughed at her antics, looking at her more than me. We said our pleasantries and he went on his way. It's amazing what people don't notice, or smell, for that matter.

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    I think all of us after at least 5 years of indulging in protective undergarments have had this happen. As I wrote in an earlier thread, at about age 13 I thought I was having the beginnings of bedwetting again (at age 8 when I slept over a friend's house and wet the bed) so I used my allowance to duck into a department store while my mom was shopping and bought the largest plastic underpants I could see (for a child). I wore them almost nightly and hid them underneath my regular underwear. Thengh one day I noticed my underwear and pajamas had moved around in the drawer (my mom did my laundry and put the clean cloths away). I always thought if she found them and asked I could tell her I was having wet spots in my pajamas at night and did not want to wet the bed which was the truth. Eventually I figured out it was only wet dreams but for about a year and half I was not 100% certain.

    One morning I had woken up and was changing out of my plastic pants when my father knocked on my door. I felt I immediatey had to put my jeans on but forgot about my plastic pants on the bed. When I opened the door he asked me about doing something and I said OK but gave a strange look and then left. As I turned around I then noticed I had left my plastic underpants on the bed and he probably saw them. He never said anything about it and I figured my mom knew I had them and maybe explained to him why she never said anything. By age 15 I had thrown them away and to this day neither parent has said anything to me about that time nor the time I had wet my best friend's bed and his mother had me wear a diaper and plastic underpants a subsequent time I slept over. I assume with my friend's sleepover accident it was too embarassing to talk about and nothing could have changed that event anyways so why bring it up. For the time I wore them as an early teenager I am not sure why they never said anything. I assume they must have thought I had a reason and once I threw them away at age 15 they knew it did not merit any discussion.

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