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Thread: Anyone interested in a used onesie?

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    Default Anyone interested in a used onesie?

    I saw this today in the news and thought I'd share. A onesie manufactured in 1968 for Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin is being auctioned soon.

    Space history: Apollo era astronaut 'onesie,' Neil Armstrong's EKG at auction | Fox News

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    I would not wear that thing.
    It looks like it was soaked in sweat. It would be nice to have a piece of history like that as I am pretty fascinated by what's out there.

    Such a shame that the government made budget cuts to the NASA program. NASA has actually came up with a lot of things that we use today.
    Without them who knows where we would be in technology. All of the useless junk the government would rather spend money on.

    All of us are naturally explorers. It's in our blood. Who wouldn't want to experience no gravity. Such a vast amount of space out there yet to be seen beyond the specks of light we see in the night sky.

    Perhaps the government should stop spending money on controlling marijuana and legalize it for monetary reasons that would aid in helping to reduce the debt. I am not a dope head and can see how it would help the government.

    Now I am just rambling. I quit.

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    That's some pretty awesome stuff. Real history there. Nothing I can afford though.

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