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Thread: afraid to die?

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    Default afraid to die?

    I have wondered this question for years is anyone afraid to die? I mean it is gonna happen when we get old or does anyone not care? I would love to hear your guys answers

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    Everyone has to do it at some point. Anybody can have it happen in the next 5 minutes. With my track record, I'll probably be one of those cases where nobody would even know for months, but it could also be some night I decide to doll myself up and there I'd be with a loaded diaper and all my paraphernalia scattered about. I suppose it would come as a shock to my family of origin, but I don't expect there'd be more than 3 people at my funeral anyway.

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    As long as it's quick and painless then I don't mind. In fact, dying is more of a curiosity to me since it will tell me if it was worth being an Atheist all this time.

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    I am F***ING TERRIFIED of dying. At times I've been suicidal over the thought of getting ill and suffering endlessly whilst not being able to kill myself. I watched both my parents come to terms with the fact that they were dying (10 years apart), looked after them in the months and years of their decline, and held their hands as they died. I saw the pain that they went through and, with no children of my own, I'm HAUNTED by the idea of what it will be like to die... and to die alone.

    But being dead, I couldn't give a monkey's about. I don't care about being dead than I care about the time before I was born. I won't exist, so that'll be it. Maybe I'll take a shortcut at some point before I become unable to prevent inevitable suffering... but now is not the time for that.

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    No. I'm not. I don't believe in any sort of after-life junk. However, I do take an interest in reincarnation. So two things are going to happen when I finally kick the bucket. Either I die, and then that's it. No consciousness or anything. No thoughts, feelings, or emotions, senses, etc. Just black for all eternity. That may sound scary, but the lack of a consciousness means that I'd lack the ability to understand what's going on, which isn't so bad at all. The other alternative is that I'm reincarnated as a new human being entirely. Nothing to link me to the "past me." The only thing I'm afraid of is if there will be pain or not. I hate pain. I can't stand it one bit. It scares me to no end and prevents me from doing a lot of things I'd like to do. Even if there is pain for just a second before dying, that's what gets me. The act of dying itself doesn't bother me.

    I was nonexistent for an eternity until I was born.

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    I'd like to think I could fulfill the pursuit of living to 100. But whenever god comes knocking on my door, I'll answer it to go to the kingdom of heaven.

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    It's easier to not care about dying when one is young, but as you get older, death comes closer. I had a good dose of it April 24th when I went under for back surgery. For some reason, it really bothered me. As you all know, I am a Methodist minister of music and a person of faith, but the blackness of death is a scary thing. I went under through anesthesia and had little idea of time passage. Suddenly I was coming too. It occurred to me that if I allowed myself to go back to sleep, I would be dead. I had trouble breathing and swallowing because of the tracheal tube.

    When I went to my room, my wife and daughter were there, and that was nice, but I soon sent them home as it was 10:00 at night. I slept poorly until 4:00 in the morning, and suddenly I was very agitated, feeling like I was coming out of my skin. I was bothered that I would have to pee for someone, and I was afraid I wouldn't be able. But more than that, I felt like I had touched death, and it was just a big black hole.

    Days later, I began to feel much better, and something else happened. It felt as if my parents were close by, waiting for me when real death would come, that everything would be alright. Maybe anesthesia plays with things that go contrary to the natural order of life and death, consciousness and some other unpleasant place. The vastness of the great everything sometimes scares me. At the same time, because it exists, so do it. I exist now, so it's logical that I will go on, changed but present in a new plain.

    Having faith in eternal life is healthy. Animals seem to have a sense of peace concerning their impending deaths. I've had four pet dogs die, and they always seemed at peace, as if they knew something more about it than I. Who knows, but I hope and pray that everything will be in its right place after death.

    I do know this, that often those who have died, before they died, talked about being visited by the dead, family members or loved ones who came to them. My aunt was one such person. When we cleaned out her apartment, she had even left notes which she had written to this individual. I might add that she was very sane and sound in every other aspect of her life. I think that when death finally comes, we will be at peace and cross over with someone who is sent to make the journey an easy one.

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    What man shall live and not see death? I don't want to die. I love my life on Earth, but everyone will die eventually. I hope to die peacefully in my sleep or suddenly, like struck by lightening. I would not like to die a long, slow death and leave a lot of medical bills for my family to pay off.

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    I am not afraid of death.

    I AM afraid of dying while I still have so many responsibilities... while I have so much to do. For all the people I would leave behind if something were to happen to me. This is what keeps me alive, because it's what make my life have value no matter how bad things can be sometimes.

    However I die, whatever waits for me at the end and beyond, I am not afraid.

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    Looking forward to it, actually. Can do without any prolonged agony, or more dehumanizing disease/disability.


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