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    Hi everyone .

    Currently have a bit of a nightmare, I've just run out off nappies and with it being the bank hoilday I know that if I order any online they won't be here until like Wednesday/Thursday. I wondered if any of you Southampton people know where I can go to get some all in one nappies with tapes for an adult?

    Plastic backed and not silly money? I always remember to order from cuddlz before I run out

    Thank you in advance x

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    Asda in Southampton carry Tena slip super.. either that, or there is a mobilty shop in Shirley that sells some weird plastic backed ones that are okish.

    Also the boots by west quay carry their stay dry slip which is again, okish.

    If you fancy a little train ride (about 20 mins) then just hop on the train down to Pokesdown (For Boscombe) and go to Dorset nurseing supples (They carry Tena, Abera and molicare.) which is only about 10 mins walk from Pokesdown station.

    If your not that bothered about tapes then you can go to lloyds which is again in shirly by sainburys or there is one over near Solent uni, and they have Tena flex.

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    Hey Digime . Thank you so much for your message.... I have my car so no worries with driving anywhere, have you been to dorset nusing supplies? Also any idea what dry slips are like??? .

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    Dorset nurseing Supplys website: Nursing Suppliers | Nursing Home Supplies | Medical Suppliers

    Yep have been there loads of times, they are really friendly (most of the time, only a few who work there that are a little weird). I live literally 15/20 mins walk from them so go there when I want tena, just normally end up with molicare because the pharmasy just across the road (litterally 2 mins walk) sells them..

    The boots stay dry slips are just rebagged attends or depends I beleave(Forgot which)... I beleave depends but may be wrong. They are okish, admittly not as good as Tena or abera but not terrible.

    To be honest Dorset nursing and knowing the traffic from Southampton down to Bournemouth, would just jump on the train :p probily end up being quicker.

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