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Thread: The waddle - love it or hate it?

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    Default The waddle - love it or hate it?

    The first time I got to experience this was when I strapped on a Tena Ultra over a Goodnite. I find the tendency varies according to how tightly I can tape it on. Best of all is when I have a pair of Crocs on, it's like walking on, and in pillows

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    Um.. the waddle is great! Anything that gives me that, 'oh gigglemuffinz, you silly little girl' feeling just brings a smile to my face and that's one of the things that does! ^_^

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    I love the waddle and I love the feeling from the waddle that I get.

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    I wear cloth and the medium sized, night time gauze will provide a nice thick feeling since I have a 32" waist.

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    Yep. With my cloth prefolds, it's almost impossible not to waddle. I wouldn't say that I love waddling, but I do find it amusing.

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    I love it! I used to wear two Depends at once just for the thickness. It feels so babyish I'm guessing it's more effective with cloth, though?

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    I love it and hate it at the same time... well not exactly at the same time, but while I love it, if I'm little or especially at night, it's quite annoying if you don't want to waddle around but your diaper is basically too bulky to not to.

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    Currently, I have Teddy Bambinos and the newer plastic backed Abena M4s. Even though the M4's seem a bit thicker than the bambinos, the latter seem to cause WAY more of a waddle than the former.

    As to whether I like it or not? I'm not entirely sure. Due to the living situation I'm in, I often have to wear around family. This, combined with the fact that I still haven't figured out how to walk around diapered and NOT waddle noticeably makes waddling a bit of a liability.

    That said, waddling around while I have the house to myself is hilariously entertaining! Even my dog seems to think it's funny. XD

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    The first few minutes are always fun, but then it is just a pain. Try waddling around 24/7 once, eventually it will become painful, as you start to destroy your knees and hips.

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