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Thread: Cloth diaper advice please!

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    Default Cloth diaper advice please!

    So I got a prefpld from clothdiaper, and I only now, 2 months in, figured out it isn't a flat. So I took the massive soaker out, and it feels...great. Thing is, I've never wet just cloth...
    Can I "enjoy" this diaper as intended, or are stuffers implied? It feels sooo good without the bulk, but can it hold two wettings?
    I think it's 4-6-4, but can't be sure.
    I wear Gary pants btw.
    This may be my dream if it's my dream. Whatever that means.

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    Um... What? You cut your cloth diaper open, removed the terry soaker, and now you're worried about the absorbency?

    Well, I think it goes without saying that the absorbency will suck, but why are you asking? Why not try it and see for yourself? What do you have to lose? None of us can tell you exactly what will happen, and you can find out for yourself very easily.

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    Just go slow and see what it will take. That probably won't be much but you'll see soon about the capacity. Have stuff on on hand to deal with excess liquid and don't do your test on anything that isn't easy to clean up.

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    I'm a moron. By massive soaker, I meant the one I added to the diaper! I didn't extract anything. Sorry for the miscommunication, I was babbling about my cloth...

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    Wear a disposable, like an Abena or Bambino. Then you won't have to worry.

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    Over the past few months when I've been working from home, I've worn pretty much exclusively cloth diapers. You'll just have to experiment. Generally I can tell if my butt starts to feel damp, the diaper has reached capacity. Many of my diapers are home made (my wife made them after I cornered the local market on birdseye diaper fabric), but I've got a handful of store bought ones from various sources to include one monster thick AngelFluff one I bought years ago which I can pee in all night.

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