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Thread: Do You Think Emotional Trauma has Anything to Do with You Being AB/DL?

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    Question Do You Think Emotional Trauma has Anything to Do with You Being AB/DL?

    I know for most of us the source of our ab/dlness is more-or-less a mystery. While this is pretty much true for my DL side, I believe my ab side is at least partially due to emotional trauma during my teen years. One of my parakeets flew away (it was an accident but still my fault) and the next year my mother suddenly decided to euthanize my dog. Before that, it was stress from health problems that caused me to start sucking my thumb in the first place. And finally, I have received very little in the way of physical affection (hugs and cuddling) for the past 8 years or so.

    So, does anyone else trace their ab/dlness to emotional difficulties?

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    I think it's very hard to pinpoint causes with any degree of certainty for something that started so early for most of us. I had a very trouble-free childhood, though, so while I wouldn't say that it couldn't be significant for someone else, I think it's very unlikely for me.

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    in me, i believe it to be only a symptom of a larger psychological disorder. i have always had a certain degree of anxiety and a seemingly "peter pan" like resistance to responsibility of any kind. my father may have been pressuring me to grow up faster than i was able to, kind of seems like it reflecting on past incidents. i never seemed to manage difficulties on my own, always seemed to ask someone how to do something rather than reading instructions or researching methods/techniques. the physical affection side, i think i got it but i seem to recall more absence of it but i cant be certain because my perception may have been skewed by anxiety.

    for all i know of myself, minor stress may have been misinterpreted to the point of being trauma. i did have a difficult childhood but the ab/dl was there when i was 5 so if it was a genuine trauma, it happened before long term memory began for me (age 4 or so)

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    I don't think it all has to do with emotional trauma, because I was always obsessed with being toddler as a kid, but I sometimes wonder if it would have carried onto adulthood if things were different.

    When I was 11 years old my mother killed herself. I hadn't lived with her since I was 9 due to her being in a mental hospital, but I still had visits with her those last two years. My mother was my best friend in the whole world, and she made the single digit years of my life so very special to me. I didn't do much of anything (no hobbies or anything) from about when she died until I was 15. It was around that time I became obsessed things from those years of my life I lived with her like I still am now. I don't feel like I am sad or needed to be cared for by her (or anyone) when I play and pretend I'm little, but I think perhaps a reason it feels so special and fun to me is because it reminds me of life with her. I do sometimes wonder if I'd still be so interested in being very young had I never left living with her and she was still alive.

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    For me, I always assumed that my ABDL was related to the emotional and verbal abuse from my father when I was growing up. My Dad was big, scary, and mean, and lost his temper a lot. Not only that, but my sister and I grew up very quickly - always behaving perfectly in public, watching our younger cousins, and taking on big responsibilities under my father's watchful eye. We were never good enough unless we were achieving amazing things. In my ABDL, I not only want to regress and shrug off all this worry and stress that comes with me always striving to be AMAZING, I crave to have a relationship with a Daddy is that loving, caring, and kind, who loves me for me...the things I did not get from my own father.

    I know it sounds like a Daddy complex (I guess technically you could call it that anyways) but that is just one of several contributing factors, I think. The rest is hardwired in.

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    No, not the cause for me... But I do think it jump-started the realization a bit. I say this because, when I was around 5 years old, I already liked the idea of wearing diapers again, and as I grew older I never really grew out of a lot of things up until a point where the peer pressure and pressure from family to act older than i was (because i was "more mature" than my age and they wouldn't accept much stuff that went against that)was too much and I forced myself to give up that stuff. I mostly forgot about it all until when I was around 13-14 years old when I was in the middle of a string of deaths of my family members, losing over 10 in 2 years starting just before I turned 13. At that point it started out as the more common sentiment (though usually of people 16 or older) of wanting to be a kid again. This I found helped make me be more accepting of my true self: a 3-5 year old boy stuck in a growing teen body. By this I mean that I started doing a lot of the stuff that I forced myself to stop doing as an 8 year old. From that point onward I grew more and more accepting of that part of me until a year or two ago when I took the largest step of all: I "came out", so to speak, to one of my parents.That night, that parent came home with a couple pacifiers and gave them to me. Now, I have started wearing goodnites occasionally, almost always sleep with a paci (I need one to sleep unless I have my sippy cup with me) and more. I am not, of course, saying the actions define what I am, but rather the desires they fulfill and how I feel doing them.

    So, while I am not entirely sure if I described it enough to get my point across (I am always a little self conscious about such stuff), I would just like to reiterate my previous statement. I definitely acknowledge that my trauma as a early teen/late preteen intensified the desires and kick-started my path to self-acceptance/realization, I always was this way.

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    I have concluded that emotional trauma is the biggest factor in my non-retentive encopresis.

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    i believe emotional trauma or physical trauma or abuse can be a cause for people to become ab/dl's or regress to some extent as a coping mechanism

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    I suspect the root cause of my ABDLism is to do with the fact I was toilet-trained so early. I quite literally have no memories of ever wearing diapers. In some way it developed into this perpetual longing to experience it.

    So it's not such a far cry to extend that to people who had a terrible childhood and long to experience a great childhood through ageplay.

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    I can't say what the cause for me is, i mean i've never been physically abused and aside from not being able to see my dad all that often due to work-related travel, it wasn't something i would go so far as to call it traumatic. The only other traumatic experiences ive had in my life are being bullied all through elementary/middle/early high school, but even before elementary school i enjoyed wearing diapers 0_o and before elementary school there isnt a whole lot of room for traumatic experiences lol. I will say however, that perhaps being babied as a child felt like such a nice place for me, that growing up and dealing with the bullying i yearned for that comfort and care that i found in diapers and bottles and pacifiers and so it became as such. Another thing that could be said is that since i wore diapers until I was like 12 for bedwetting reasons, that could be another reasons I grew an attachment, but then again like i said before, i had liked diapers way before the bedwetting years.

    So in conclusion: I have no idea -_-

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