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Thread: GOT LARP? Been Live Action Roleplaying before?

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    Default GOT LARP? Been Live Action Roleplaying before?

    This thread is in honour of one of our more recent registrants from the UK, Littlebat

    On her extensive list of stuff she's into she mentions LARP - which brought back happy memories... for I am not unfamiliar with dressing up in costume and cavorting with a bunch of strangers, out in the woods for a day or two.

    This thread is for all those of you who have LARPED to tell us all about it: what you played, what it was like, your best moments, and funniest stories.

    My LARPing involved playing a magic-user on "quests" of the fantasy role-playing sort. Think Dungeons & Dragons or Bethesda's Elder Scrolls. You got to play a character of your own invention, with a specified character class (each of which had its own strengths, weaknesses, and abilities.) My most glorious moments were as the cloaked and black-robed necromancer, Claedmora.

    Now in this game one didn't merely dress the part and interact, though of course you could simply play that way if you liked. There were actual combat and magic rules; you carried a card that showed your remaining hit points. At zero you became a dead body. You would lay on the ground for a full 5 minutes so your body could be looted; you then became a spirit and headed off to find a "graveyard" (speaking to nobody on the way: dead men tell no tales - unless it was to a necromancer, who had the ability to speak to the dead.) To come back to life, you had to spend 20 minutes in the graveyard, get a new life force card from the particular "referee" keeping the graveyard, then set off as a spirit to find a healer who would put his mark on your card... to give your body new life.

    It was at this stage you could "haunt" the one who had done you in. Loudly and persistently and in their ear. Until... they got hold of a friendly necromancer, who had an arsenal of spells to deal with recalcitrant ghosts: including "binding" a spirit to an object - typically the nearest stone - which then got chucked into the bushes...

    In addition to all this fun, with becloaked necromancers skulking, battlemages with staffs casting damage spells, warriors in chain mail, their swords wired in their sheaths, was the quest... invariably some mighty demon was threatening to be summoned to "the land" and it was up to the players to "solve the quest" by discovering ancient lore, figuring out prophesies, performing rituals...

    But my very favorite thing in the game was THE LEGION. These were a bunch of kids around 13 years old, who had no interest in airy fairy stuff like quest solving or deciphering riddles written in ancient runes... They were thugs and bullies: plain and simple. Their motto was: "If it's alone - let's kill it!" Mostly warriors (but with at least one healer) even the mightiest wizard gave them huge respect and a wide berth. It was truly great for these young kids that while on the field, they were the equals of any grownup. It was they, who, after all, owned not only most of the gold out there from looting bodies, but usually the magic items necessary to complete the quest...

    The best part of it all was the feast when the quest had concluded, and the swapping of stories then, and well into the night around the fire.

    The company that put this on also would do murder mysteries for dinner parties, written and performed in Agatha Christie style. One of the guests would play the murdered victim, and with the help of the "detective" supplied for the evening, the other guests would piece together the clues, and figure out whodunnit.

    the video below kind of reminds me of all this good stuff... particularly the lyrics

    Dressing up in costumes, playing silly games
    Hiding out in tree-tops shouting out rude names

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    Most of my LARP Experience is as part of the Camarilla and Mind's Eye Society (legal stuff, same group). I ran the local Forsaken game until just recently (global chronicle ended).

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    Sorry, I just saw this! Silly me.

    Well my first ever LARP I was just a normal human, Jayne, and I decided to go through the medic route, as I'm not too good at fighting. It was a lot of fun; I met a lot of great people, and all in all had a really good time. I think the silliest moment I had was probably in my third LARP event, where somebody new turned up in normal jogging bottoms, a shirt and trainers (to be fair, he did have some warpaint on!) and we had to hide, which in our system is find a bush, kneel, hands on head. Well, this guy took it a little further. He decided to be a sloth and hang upside-down in a tree, which we all shared a giggle at! Another time a spellcaster sent a torture spell my way and I didn't realize until my brother told me that she had done it, hissing "that's you!" It was my first time I had a spell thrown at me and I didn't know what to do, so I just instantly dropped to the floor and army crawled out pretending to yell in pain. A little embarrassing, but I explained to the person after and they understood.

    We had a lot of silly moments like me and my friend going to the toilet with my brother outside getting attacked, and we didn't notice his urgent whisperings until he yelled "OIT, I'M DEAD." So then we healed him and hid him in the girl's toilets.

    The best, most awesome moment was when we were all lined up as a small army against the enemies, who I believe were blood elves? Our general stepped forward and had a heated conversation with their leader, then when the time came, turned, stepped back into us and we charged into battle, swords high and giving our best battle cry. We planned it that way, and it worked really well.

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    I am a former member of a group that is similar to Larping. Belegarth Medieval Combat Society The group is similar to the SCA, except we pad the weapons instead of needing expensive Armor. Loads of fun. Wouldn't call it role-playing since all fighting is based upon skill, and no magic of any type. Probably my fondest memories as a teenager come from that time.

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