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    Hi. I'm Rory and I am 6 and a half years old. My big is 22. I have alway had a childish and fun nature but didn't really express it for fear of ridicule. I love cartoons and coloring. I am a sub by nature, but BDSM is too harsh for me.

    About 3-4 months ago my fiance confided in me that he was into Age Play. It took a lot for him to tell me and he was surprised to find that I was into it. We aren't hardcore, just lightly play. Dress up and some accessories. I found that I love pacifiers, they are oddly southing. My fiance is more of a care taker we found out, so we are a perfect match.

    After some research (to find out what it really was, what people do, act) I found got more comfortable. I am joining this to learn more and to get some ideas for us here at home.

    <3 Rory

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    Glad to see you on the site, Rory. Rest assured that any one of us will be able to give helpful advice if you and your caretaker need it

    So, outside of your Age Play lifestyle, what other things do you enjoy? Talking about simple hobbies or likes/dislikes often makes joining that much easier.

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    Well, color me tickled pink: I was just telling another newbie how it delights me when compatible ab's or dl's find each other and it all works out.

    You don't have to open up about private stuff if you don't feel like it. We embrace the whole you. But the whole you, it would seem is two halves: one of them your better half! Okay, I have been known to go to great lengths to tell a joke... but really, it would be neat to have him on too. We have several couples: some are both ab and playmates, or dom/sub, or caretaker/ little. I assume he knows you came here? What's he think?

    research (to find out what it really was, what people do, act
    What other people do is handy for new ideas, or giving some new ideas a gloss of respectability, like they've been OK'd by an authority. But in the final analysis what works for you is what's best. It's great to explore and discover... but one shouldn't think one is "doing it wrong" because of doing it differently.

    Personally I find it easier to identify with a 6yo little than a 1yo helpless pre-speech infant, but that's me. Coloring, lego, kite flying... are open to you.

    Now this:
    Xbox, drawing, painting, yoga, motorcycles.

    is the stuff to put on our plates. You have all those interesting potential things to talk about! Like I wonder who else might be into yoga... what you play on xbox, motorcycles... Do you have one? Or admire from a distance, and fantasize over when you're alone in your head...

    My two favorite songs involving motorbikes are Meat Loaf's Bat Out Of Hell, and this... here is a quote from it:

    I see angels on Ariels in leather and chrome Swooping down from heaven to carry me home

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