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    Default hi there

    hi my name is Andy , Schaf (sheep) is a nickname of me

    what brings me here?

    someone told me about this forum and also wanted to have contact to people outside of germany (now you also know from which country i'm comming)

    my interests about wearing diapers started about when i was 11 years old, but thats another story.

    but diapers are not all :-)

    in my normal life i'm working (test things for passenger cars)

    i have a girlfriend (she also likes diapers)

    and ehm if you want to know more, just ask

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    Guten tag! Wie gehts?

    Welcome to ADISC! I hope you make some good friends here and find plenty of interesting topics to engage in.

    Stay dry and happy!

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    Your girlfriend likes diapers? Cool. A couple of padded couples have shown up recently. There are a few of them on Adisc, gay and straight. It makes me happy when abdl's find each other... or when the partner of an ab likes to take the role of daddy or mommy. There is altogether too little happiness in the abdl world.

    While most of the people on Adisc are from the UK or America (then Canada and Australia) we do get people from non-English-speaking countries; you would not be our first German. Just recently we got a new member from Russia... There are French speakers too, as this thread shows.
    Any French speakers here on ADISC?

    By the way your avatar reminds me of Lambchop, a puppet character from a 60's show for younger children.

    Lamb Chop (puppet) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    If I were ab this would be really high on my list of things to watch. Somehow it's less commercial and glitzy than Sesame Street became.

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    Welcome!! Just joined myself, and I think you're gonna find a wonderful community here. I think it's awesome that your girlfriend understands this side of you and is into it as well. We should all be so lucky. Also think it's awesome that you come to this community from Germany. Anyone I know that's ever been there tells me the beer is amazing. Any beer exported to us here in the U.S. that you recommend?

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    Hi Raccoon ( i have met one of you in florida, walking across my feet in the evening) *g*

    I met my girlfriend on a vacation from a german AB DL community.
    sometimes i am smaller than her, otherdays she is "younger".

    my avatar is one of my smaller stuffed animals (a gift from my girlfriend) you can transform the wolf into a
    NICI Wolf im Schafspelz Schlenker

    hi drive88

    the beer from munich should be great
    but dont drink the Becks

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    Wow - great reply Yes, we venture where the humans go... great shot, thanks for finding it for me! Was that the same vacation where you met your gf?

    This month I intend to spend a long weekend camping with the other local abdl's. We have a regular munch once a month at a coffee shop /internet cafe. It's organized through an independent meetup site that covers Alberta; our members have a presence on several online sites/communities, including Adisc, Babyfur.ME, Fetlife, and others.

    Yeah - love the avatar! I took a look on the site you linked, und es gibt einige Waschbären darin! Sie gefällt mir Hier ist der Waschbär

    That's I'm afraid possibly the limit of my rusty high school German

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    i met my gf here in germany

    that was one of my two trips to florida a few years before i met her

    we have here also monthly munches at a restaurant in diferent citys and long weekends meeting with others

    plush racoons are cute and i have a few more photos from that in florida

    i cant see the picture or link you postet , but your german is not bad

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    My girlfriend and I wear together, too. How long have you been together?

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