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Thread: Purple Monster drink

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    Default Purple Monster drink

    So, the purple monster is a mixture of NyQuil, vodka, and Red Bull. I know it would be horrible for your body, but probably still fun. Would you try this?

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    I probably drink it without NyQuil....but then again I drink vodka with redbull before

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    Yeah, no thanks. I thought this was going to be about Monster energy drinks, which are actually pretty decent. Though I try not to drink many of those, either (mainly just the coffee ones).

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    Your body woudn't know what to do run a mile or go to sleep, I would pass on this one.

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    I don't even like taking medicine with cola, so no for me.

    And isn't it dangerous to mix those sorts of drugs and alcohol?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zagete View Post
    I don't even kno what NyQuil is :p
    its Medicine.. makes you very sleepy BTW

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    Mixing alchohol and nyquil is bad, Both are blood thinners.(plus nyquil already has some alcohol content)

    So do you liver a favor and don't mix them.

    I have done it before(unintentionally) and it didn't kill me, but do to some side effects i wouldn't do it again.

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