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    So, I live in a home for adults with special needs. As the thing beside all my posts says I have been a member of adisc since 07/2012, but that was as an AB...that wanted diapers and other baby stuff just because. But recently I seem to have become slightly incon!! It doesn't happen often but sometimes I will leak, usually not a full void but enough to feel wet. I discussed it with a nurse at my home and she said it sounds like stress incon. Thing is, if I were to wear diapers 24/7 (to avoid any unpleasant surprises) I would want to wear diapers from ABU, rather than Depends or Attends or any other BORING adult incon products. Cushies and super dry kids are at least cute.

    I'd want Cushies for daytime use and SDK for night. If I were to use five Cushies a day (I'd want more, but the incon residents of my home are apparently limited to five diapers a day) I'd need approximately 2 cases of 80 in a month. Two SDK per night (to allow for one change in the middle of the night) - 1 case of 80. Total cost, with shipping to my Canadian address, approximately $500. All related hygiene and health care products, from, a little less than $125 per month, totalling approximately $625 (That's SIX HUNDRED TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS) for incon care each month.

    Ideally, I could get funding for this added to my ODSP cheque, but this would nearly double the cheque, and even still I don't know if I could get that portion of the cheque to be put on my prepaid Visa, as I would prefer to handle the actual purchasing myself but do not know if I could!

    As for the incon itself, have told close friend who already knew of and accepted the AB aspect, and just told father (who is not accepting of ab aspect). Still need to tell mother (not accepting of ab aspect) - am extremely nervous!

    What to do next guys?

    - - - Updated - - -

    I recalculated the prices....they are much lower when I buy the exact amount of diapers I would need in a month. The actual total I would need per month, assuming I can buy the exact products I prefer, would be $450 (four hundred fifty dollars). This change is significant - I would hope it would have some effect on the outcome of the situation...wish me luck!

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    So you're looking to get your insurance to cover the cost? I've never heard that being possible because here in the US you have to pick from a list of approved vendors.

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    We get commercials all the time for people who are incon. and it's directed to those on Medicaid. Medicaid will pay for diapers, but I think they have certain suppliers and they sell brands like Depends, Tena and others like that. Cushies are definitely not on the list.

    As for dealing with "mother" and "dad", I would not mention anything related to being AB since you said they don't approve. You will have to make this strictly medical need. There is a positive side. If you have some money of your own, you could have Medicaid pay for the medically generic diapers, and then augment them by ordering Cushies. Once wet diapers are going into the trash, I don't think anyone will be looking to see what brand of diapers are being disposed.

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    I'm on ODSP as mentioned above - Ontario Disability Support Program. I'm Canadian and here we don't have the same old Medicare and Medicaid like in the US. Just want to clear that up...

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    Quote Originally Posted by memorychick View Post
    I'm on ODSP as mentioned above - Ontario Disability Support Program. I'm Canadian and here we don't have the same old Medicare and Medicaid like in the US. Just want to clear that up...
    So they would cover the cost of your ABU diapers? Just trying to get a better understanding.

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    Also my PNA (personal needs allowance) provided by ODSP is way too low to use Cushies and SDK alone. Actually the cost of the preferred hygiene products almost eats it right up anyway, leaving little to no room to purchase Cushies and SDK at all

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    I am Sooooooo glad we still currently have the NHS.

    How long for, thanks to Cameron's huge crusade (I can't think of the word I want/need, I thought it was crusade, but something is telling me that crusade is not the right word... going to check edit: I reckon crusade will do I THOUGHT crusade was just used for religion, but obviously not) to privatise it all, I don't know....

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