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Thread: First sleep in diapers.. advice?

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    Question First sleep in diapers.. advice?

    My very first diapers came today in the mail (woohoo!), and i was just curious if you guys had any advice on this. Such as maybe ways to relax and enjoy yourself, or simply your experiences the first time? Anything that might be helpful for me would be extremely appreciated. (:

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    Congrats on getting your diapers. I'm sure your first experience will be an enjoyable one. However, there are some things that might help you enjoy it more

    - Be sure you tape them on tight. When they start to get wet, they'll sag so you want them to be on tight. Not too tight, though, or it'll be uncomfortable
    - As you wet the diapers, bend your lower body forward or backwards as you continue wetting it. The front/middle (depending on gender) will absorb quickly, so you'll want the other areas of the diapers to absorb an excess
    - Lay towels on any hard/delicate surfaces you may want to sit on and don't sit down too fast. Leaks will happen sometimes, and sitting down too fast may cause the diaper to leak.
    - While sleeping, be sure to sleep with your legs spread for comfort. Added t this, be sure to place a towel underneath you, if you do not wish for any leaks to get into your bed sheets

    Now, this is the most important point: enjoy yourself. This is the first experience in this lifestyle, and remembering those points will help to enjoy it even more.

    Enjoy your first time. Stay padded and happy

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    Well, congratulations! You never forget your first mine, where I wore the diaper backwards. Tapes in front!

    Jagged has given some awesome tips. To add to them, take your time putting the diaper on. It's tricky the first time, but worth the time to get a good fit. Either lie down or stand against a wall, whichever feels more comfortable.

    If you plan on wetting, you'll probably find it hard, since you're no longer used to peeing in your clothes. You won't wet in your sleep, I can guarantee, and you wouldn't want to anyway. But wetting just before you sleep is a nice simulation. Wet in the same position you normally pee in for best results. What I found helpful was pulling down my diaper and peeing in the toilet for a bit, then putting my diaper back on and finishing. Stay calm and keep reminding yourself - it's OK, your diaper will catch everything and it'll feel good after. Relaxing is the most important part.

    And as Jagged said, have fun! Do what you're comfortable doing, and enjoy your first diapered night. Sweet dreams!

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    ^^What they said^^ Also, it is very hard for me to wet lying down. I usually have to get up in the middle of the night to let my dog out, so I find that an excellent opportunity to let go. Then I cap it off a few hours later with the morning flood. It's ashame to take it off and get dressed.

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    Thank you thank you thank you for all the tips, everyone. Last night was a great success.(: I look forward to when i get to do it again!

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    Relaxing is the most important part and after that you will get use to them. Congratulations!

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    Congratulations, WB! So glad to hear that your first time turned out great

    Glad I was of service to you ^^

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    The first time i slept in diapers i was nervous too. But honestly, dont be... Actually what I did is got some baby lotion, I rubbed it all over my body (and before i put on my diaper for my before bed change), and the smell... it is VERRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYY soothing... at least to me it is.
    HOWEVER! If you have a lotion scent that you personally find soothing, use that instead. Sleeping in diapers is actually quite comfortable if you get the proper size and the right types.
    And is actually very exciting yeah?

    Good luck and congrads! ^_^

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    Congrats ! Sleeping in diapers is so comfy and exciting. Even if I'm still unable to pee in horizontal position, it's so great to feel secure.
    Do not hesitate in telling how you felt !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxxime View Post
    Do not hesitate in telling how you felt !
    Honestly, at first i wasn't sure i was going to enjoy myself as much as i wish i would, but. Then once i got comfortable and everything, it was splendid. And i ended up enjoying myself much more than i expected, ha! (:

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