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    Hi everyone, my names Zach. I've been a lurker till now because I'm a little timid about this side of me still. I'm not quiet sure if I'm AB or DL yet, but I plan to find out soon :p. I currently live in Muskegon and am going to Muskegon Community College and working on becoming a video game designer. Anyways, Hope to make lots of friends and learn stuff I never knew.

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    Hey there Zach You know, those distinctions like AB and DL or babyfur are arbitrary and are simply useful categories but with no hard and fast rules to them. Plenty of littles are post-baby age, many rp being grade school age, with or without diapers (or easy ups or whatnot. Some kids who wear such things are mortified at the word diaper...) But anyway, welcome.

    I keep this side of myself very hidden too, and I am oooooooooooold - like closer to 50 than 20. That is except around other padded people, in their company, live, across skype or on forums like this one I am very open about it all. Wasn't always that way... I was also filled with anxieties and trepidation and excitement and a whole slew of mixed feelings when I first met another of us.

    While we are a very diverse community I think you will have no trouble finding plenty of people with tons in common - besides the obvious... Lots around your age, lots of vid gamers and even designers...

    It's fine to be shy at first - we all are. Nearly all. Now you've dipped a toe in, come on in - the water's fine

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