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    Just ordered my first pair of plastic pants last night, this was really had for me to do because it is the first DL item I have ordered online. I am so excited to get started with wearing, even though I have not purchased any diapers yet. I guess I will have to do that as soon as the plastic pant arive. I am still a little nurvous thought, because there is just a few weeks of school left and I don't want to leave with my roommates thinking that I am a complete weirdo. I guess that the first place that I will wear is at the local mall or something like this instead of my dorm. I doubt that I will actually get the courage to even wear them in my dorm.

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    Plastic pants have been on my checklist for a while now too, so I hope you can tell all about how your first time wearing them goes. Any specificities about the pair you purchased? Is it any colour, is it simply white, is it patterned, does it have a locking chain, etc

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    I just purchased a really cheap pair off of eBay. They are clear, I just hope that they will actually work, if not I am out a little money and wil definitely consider paying a little more for a better pair. I decided if these actually work I will be happy, and if they don't well I won't be to surprised.

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