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Thread: Padded every morning, and loving it!

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    Red face Padded every morning, and loving it!

    So I am taking a few weeks off work. In the meantime the wife is continuing with her regular day job. For the last two weeks, Monday thru Friday, after the wife leaves for work I have been able to slip into my favorite padding and spend the entire moring padded and using my diaper as intended. It is probably not quite as good as going 24/7, but it is pretty close. The only reason I go into the bathroom in the mornings (and even into the early afternoon most days) is for clean up after a #2.

    I still have a couple of weeks to go with my time off. This has been a very enjoyable time off work. I have even been so bold as to slip into a diaper a few times before she is leaves for the morning.

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    Nice, its always so great to get some time off, right?
    The freedom. The peace. The padding!

    ... excellent, Im jealous now...

    Enjoy it ^^

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    In my house the hallway bathroom is always occupied right when I normally need it. Lately that hasn't been a problem. I still yearn to freely pad around while padded, as it were

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abenalover View Post
    I have even been so bold as to slip into a diaper a few times before she is leaves for the morning.
    Does your wife not know? I'd imagine she'd notice you taking out the garbage frequently or something of the sort if you're diapered 12hours a day.

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    The wife does not know. I simply collect up all the used diapers and take them to the trash before she gets home. Most days I get to "pad up" around 7:30am, and some days go until 4:00pm padded and using. It is so nice!

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    Hi Abenalover.
    Any plans or any intention to tell her about them? Perhaps you have and she didn't like the idea.. Perhaps I am just being incredibly nosy, in that case excuse me.
    Just wonder if you could get to a place where you could also wear even after your time off from work ends. Even when she is around. Sounds like you are so carefree and pleased with being able to wear. She married you, she must love you. Such an innocent thing as wearing..

    I will shut-up now. Enjoy yourself, :-)

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    No plans to tell her.

    I totally enjoy the ability to spend time in diapers and using them for everything they were intended. (I do find myself doing a poo in my diaper a lot more often now...) I diapered up at 7:28 this morning. My diaper already has one heavy wetting in it now. I will probably head on over to McDonald's in a few minutes and get a large Iced Coffee to insure more good wettings later on this morning. It will be fun to see how many diapers I will go through before she gets home around 4:00 today. I do rather enjoy going out in public with a diaper on (wet or dry) under my trousers.

    Life is good!

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    Well if you are happy Sir, then I am happy! :-)

    Enjoy all your diapered time.

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