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Thread: Favorite places to go in a diaper

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    Default Favorite places to go in a diaper

    I am very new to this whole thing, and I am looking for some places that could be fun or even practical to wear a diaper. I know 90% of people on this website enjoy wearing at home, but for me this is really hard since my mother stays at home almost 24/7 and I am not comfortable telling them about this. I have also heard of places like a movie theater, which i am definitely going to try, just grab a large soda, and release all of your worries about missing out on part of the movie. I was also thinking activities like biking could be interesting. I am interested in many different ideas, and I am halfway prepared to embarrass myself, just not around my parents. Do you have any Ideas?

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    Outside, only to the Cinema
    Might be to other stuff when it gets warmer, like biking and hiking

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    Restaurants having a meal with my family, I've only done that once and was afraid to use the diaper properly. I really enjoy going just about everywhere padded

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    Be careful with the large soda if you don't have good quality diapers, a leak in the movie theaters is going to be very awkward. You may also find it difficult to wet, especially in a public setting because it's something that takes some getting used to.

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    Sporting events and concerts also come to mind. Unlike a theater, you may be outside and it will not be as dark, so if you leak....

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    I love going for long drives in a diaper. I frequently visit a vacation home about six hours away and will always drive there diapered.

    I always wear a diaper for the dentist and giving blood or getting my hair cut. Just seems if I have to sit still for that long I should be diapered.

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    I've grown to like going to work in a thin diaper. I won't use it there but i love the feeling of wearing a diaper. But i second that it is hard to wet in public places. I've worn while palying hockey and I've tried to let a little go in my diaper on he bench... but I'd have to push to do it and it'd be obvious, so I've quit trying.

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    If you use a diaper in a car doesn't the car start to smell like urine after awhile?

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    Quote Originally Posted by testdummy View Post
    If you use a diaper in a car doesn't the car start to smell like urine after awhile?
    Depends on how concentrated the urine is.

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