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    Ohmai, how mysterious. Hello 1234561. You're the man in the cool pair of shades apparently, letting us all know you have joined and now it's time for all the cuties to just swoon. I haven't swooned in a while though, so you'll have to forgive me if I'm out of practice. I can squee for you though, Mr. Cool.

    But seriously, hi and welcome to ADISC! It's always great to find another member has joined the club. What brought you here and how did you find this place? What are some of the basics, what circumstances in your life lead to you thinking this sort of site was the type of site to join. If you feel comfortable, it would also be wonderful to hear little things about you. Like your favorite thing to do in your free time, or even your favorite color. You should feel free to rant, so I can know what information to put on the official 1234561 fan club page.

    Just kidding, I'm not a crazy fangirl like that. Still though, I encourage you to let us know that sort of thing.. and I also encourage you to have fun! I think there is a lot of opportunity for fun around here.

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    What's wrong with fangirls, gigglemuffinz? They follow you around, love everything you do.... and ... and... yeah I see what you mean :/. Anyways...

    Welcome to ADISC 1234561. Tell us about yourself and about what your favorite pair of shades is. That's what the cool kids are calling them these days, right? Shades?

    Just kidding. We are glad you took the plunge into joining us here and I really hope you find all you could ever want and more in a support community right here on ADISC!

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