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Thread: Worried about Eye surgery

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    Question Worried about Eye surgery

    I just had an eye exam this morning so i can get Refractive Laser surgery on my eyes. I have a slight fear of Surgery seeing as to how I've never had one. Having my eyes dilated and having to put my face into different machines that shine lights and lasers into my eyes was a bit of an ordeal for me.

    Has anyone had eye surgery? Whats it like? Does anyone else dread surgeries?

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    well, i can't that i've got a particular fondness for anybody who wants to stick a knife in me, for whatever reason, but my mum has had the cataract/lens replacement surgery and, as scary as it was for her, she coped really well.
    one of my aunts has Downs and she's supposed to be having the same done, but she's as wary as me; in fact, last year she refused to have any treatment for a broken collar bone (not even a sling).

    after mum had her first eye done, she was sightful almost immediately in that eye. although, following the recommended period of eye-patchedness, her first glimpses were during bathing the eye. as scared as i know she was at the surgery, once de-patched, her vision was better than it had ever been (having been on bottle-bottom glasses since she was 5 and two strokes that blinded her in the late 1990s and then to have cataracts develop).
    at that improvement, and because her other eye was now being nothing but a hindrance and letting the side down, she booked her op for that eye. and she's never looked back

    i now have to be more careful about wearing diapers around her.

    here's wishing you well, for all should be well. 'luck' shouldn't come into it; if it does, it'll be which doctor you get and the style and methods he/she uses. mum's first doc was gentle and prescribed the longest period of recovery, her second was rougher-but-quicker in operation and he said she could do without the patch after a day. which was best? well, the second had the speediest recovery and less post-op soreness and redness.
    swings and roundabouts.

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