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Thread: Stylish IC products---Tena's new ads

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    Default Stylish IC products---Tena's new ads

    There's an article in today's NYTimes about Tena's new ad campaign for their IS pads.

    (It's a long url and might not survive posting)

    Rather than categorize them by absorbancy, they are categorizing them as "stylish", "active" and "anywhere". They believe that the parallels between stylishness, activeness and anywhereness (yeah, well...) and absorbancy will be clear to their customers.

    So, can stylish diapers be far behind? I personally like the idea of "anywhere" diapers. Fits my lifestyle and the level of absorbancy I prefer.

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    People respond better to warmer terminology. If we haven't yet begun the shift, then I foresee jargon will be removed from all branding in favour of more intuitive, 'pleasant' phrasing as people are given more lifestyle options. Good move on Tena's behalf, quite frankly.

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    The new commercials should be interesting. I've seen the Tena Twist commercials. I've worn the Tena Ultimate pads but not a big fan of them.
    After a couple of wettings they got to thick between my legs and were uncomfortable to walk in. I still use Poise Hourglass Ultimates which work
    well for me. I only use them now when I go to drs appointments. Also wear them in extreme heat when have to go outdoors. There alot cooler
    than my plastic backed diapers.

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    style and flowery phrases may help people feel better about in con products.
    but absorbency and function are the bottom line for me.

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    more people will buy the products with this different marketing.
    It won't affect me though, I buy the higher absorbency levels

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    Default Re: Stylish IC products---Tena's new ads

    I don't see the difference between this and normal terminology. This way may be a bit confusing to some. Tena USA is trying to fight a company that has little to no difference in product innovation. They both have degrading products that are geared too much to the discreet factor rather than effectiveness.

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    While we can all agree that quality and functionality should be the primary focus, people try not to think about things that they consider embarrassing, as most people think about being IC (present company excepted). Why do you think Depends is the number one brand in the USA (it's sure not due to there outstanding quality)? They are bought because they are everywhere, no thought required.

    It is my hope that campaigns such as this will encourage a move toward acceptance and possibly even "thought" about which products are more suited to providing an improved quality of life which could lead to better and cheaper products.

    All this from a non-ic guy sitting in a wet diaper in his hotel on a business trip... Lol

    Night all

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    All reasonable takes on it. As for me, I'm still hoping for them to market the "Anywhere" diaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adasterix View Post
    They believe that the parallels between stylishness, activeness and anywhereness (yeah, well...) and absorbancy will be clear to their customers.
    I guess I'm not one of their customers then, because the parallel definitely isn't apparent to me. I could see any of those 3 categories as being construed to mean any kind of absorbancy.

    It's not like the generic "high!, ultra high!, super ultra high!" capacity categories that you tend to see for any kind of absorbent product from diapers to paper towels set the gold standard in useful information, but at least you could tell at a glance how products in the same line compared to each other.

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