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Thread: Most Thickness for the Money?

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    Red face Most Thickness for the Money?

    I was thinking today -- I typically wear Dry 24/7s at night for intermittent but persistent bedwetting (and just for fun otherwise). I sometimes switch out with Total Dry Xplus but I prefer Dry 24/7.

    Now - these cost me like $1.75/ea after shipping. If I decide to wear one for play during the day, that ends up being $1000/year for diapers (!!!!). Crazy nonsense from my perspective.

    I don't always wear them during the day; and I often will re-wear a diaper from the night if it wasn't wet (apologies if that's offensive to anyone) -- I dont' like to waste and it doesn't bother me for just one reload. But still, it's still a significant expense.

    Some folks might suggest that I wear a cheap/thin diaper during the day (depends, store brand, wtatever).... but for me, most of the fun is the thickness level. So here's my question -- what would you say is the diaper out there that offers the best thickness for the money? I.e., I LOVE the thickness of Dry 24/7 and I kinda think they're the thickest I've worn (at least between the legs). But because of the above problem, my question arises.

    I do not have any incontinence issues during the day -- nor do I tend to wear for LONG LONG periods of time (4-5 hours is usually my tops in a given stretch because I have a busy life and schedule and that is largest window I will ever get with the most common being in the 2hr range). Hence, absorbency isn't that big of deal to me per se -- primarily thickness (after all, I have my night diapers available if I really do need it).

    What I'm really looking for is a cheaper, not necesarily THAT absorbant, but VERY THICK diaper mostly for enjoyment purposes. Thoughts/suggestions after this long dawn out rant of a post

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    If you're not planning on wetting your diaper during the day, you could wear a cloth diaper such as a gauze, night weight. They are plenty thick in between the legs. If you were going to wet, you would need plastic pants, and then smell can become an issue after the first hour.

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    Another option would be to try a Depedeco AIO. They have the thickness you like and you can wear them without plastic pants if you don't wet them.
    Otherwise you will need the plastic pants.

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    If you that worried about the price maybe you should switch to the much cheaper alternative of cloth?

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    Ok I saw the trend and I decided to take the folks' advice. Ordered my first ever cloth AIO today. I hope I like it - and your reasoning does make sense

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    I just recently got a cloth diaper for the same reason! I am not usually into cloth diapers, but since it's very rare that I'll wet, I just thought it would be nice to save money and not worry about conserving the disposables. I think I'll still use a disposable sometimes (for the crinkle!), but anyway, I bought this cloth diaper from BabyKins - the 'thick and thirsty' hehe. I can't speak on how it absorbs, BUT the thickness was very similar to a Bambino Bellisimo - maybe the same thickness exactly, even. A bit thicker around the hips/tummy. I was pleasantly surprised! Plus it's very cute and soft against your skin - nicer than terrycloth imo. The only issue I have with it is that sometimes the velcro bits bite at my skin (where thighs turn into hips) if I sit straight up.

    Thought I'd share, seeing as how we're in a similar boat cm9.

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