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Thread: Google Trends of various AB/DL search critiera

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    Default Google Trends of various AB/DL search critiera

    So given the growth of the ab/dl community was initially through the Internet I wondered if that growth has continued over time. Obviously there isn't a direct way of checking this, so I settled for a Google Trends check.

    For those that don't know Google Trends shows the quantity of searches for a given criteria over time. The "100" is the high point of most search requests, and everything is based from a given "100" point.

    Here is a link to see what I found:

    Google Trends

    I am not too surprised that "adult baby" dominated the volume of the result data. TV documentaries have firmly embedded those words into the general public. If you remove adult baby as a search criteria it appears the other words are roughly equal in volume of relative searches.

    Some observations though.

    1. Unexpectedly it appears relative traffic has actually gone down from 2004. This really surprised me as I assumed through the proliferation of the Internet that naturally more people would utilize it to find others.

    2. Something huge happened in October 2008 for "adult baby" and I frankly don't recall what it was. I'm assuming it was a single event because the traffic is literally a spike and it instantly goes down immediately following that October. Traffic for the other searches was 12% combined relative to adult baby that month. Give that was roughly my first year becoming aware of my own DL-ism, I wasn't aware of the community then. For those that have been at this longer, care to enlighten me to anything that may have caused that?

    My first thought was the CSI episode that featured an AB victim, but that was shown in 2005. My second was the woman that talked on Tyra Bank's show. However the video on YouTube was posted May 12, 2008. And it has less than 300,000 views so hasn't been too popular at least on YouTube.



    Corrected initial year. Google Trends starts from 2004, not 2005.

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    That's really interesting. One possible reason I can think of for why traffic would have gone down is that people who aren't themselves ABDL or have some meanigful intersection with ABDL culture (like an ABDL spouse) probably won't search for it more than once or twice. So all the people who were exposed to the term when CSI aired had there "wtf?" moment and went on with their lives. Having been exposed to it, there's less reason to google it again. Put another way, as it becomes "old news" for more and more people, there are fewer people who want to search for it.

    What's also interesting is that if you look at the distribution, it's almost entirely US, Canada, Western Europe, and Australia. Not surprising, I guess, but still interesting.

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    Default Re: Google Trends of various AB/DL search critiera

    I suppose that true, but consider this. Even the 15 stone baby documentary, that led to adult baby to be a high trending hash tag on twitter, generated about a third of the traffic that happened in October 2008. I think that's peculiar.

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    It could be a glitch because if there was that much of a spike for adult baby the others would have a bit of a increase too from related searches .

    If you look at point G you see that infantilism also rose a bit you dont see that in the 2008 rise. plus for something to go that high wont drop that fast it would take at lease another month or more to drop back down

    The only other thing i found that cam out around that time was some rock band that made a ablem named adult baby..

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    I think that's a bad data point in their records.

    That said it's an interesting set of results

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    actually, that might have been the year that their intern mucked up Google for a day! Anyone else remember that? It was a good few years ago now!

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