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    Hey everyone!

    My name is Caroline. I'm 27 about to turn 28. I live in North Carolina. I am in nursing school. Finally figured out what I wanted to do after switching majors about 4 times! Yay! I don't work anymore but I used to be a teaching assistant in a special education classroom and I loved that. I also lived overseas for 5 years. 3 in France and Switzerland and then 2 in Egypt. I've been back in the states now for 4 years though.

    I've always been interested in diapers. I had a lot of medical issues as a kid so I wore diapers full time til age 6 due to a bladder issue and then at night til I was 14 because of bed wetting. I find them comforting to wear at night and they help me sleep better and since I have issues with sleeping already, I'll take whatever I can get. I will sometimes wear them during the day as well but it's mostly a comfort thing and a way to escape back into easier days!
    I don't have a lot of friends who know anything about my diaper wearing and so it's always nice to not have to hide that part of me!

    I am a pretty avid reader, although my life is consumed with anatomy and physiology right now. I am trying to prep myself before I take the course this fall since I have heard it's super hard and has a lot of memorization. I read pretty much anything but I love mysteries, autobiographies and historical fiction. I am looking forward to getting to know people on here!

    - Caroline

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    Welcome to the site Carolinagirl1! You have certainly traveled a lot. Can you tell us some of your adventures overseas - people, places (pyramids?), Eiffel Tower in the springtime? We are here to help each other anyway we can. Look around at the forum posts and ask ANY questions you so desire!

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    Welcome to the group Caroline.

    I am not sure if I am following right. Are you starting Nursing school or your already in?

    My wife is an instructor at the local Community College School of Nursing. She teaches Ob and is lead for the Family Medicine team.

    Good luck, and welcome.

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    Hi there, Caroline, and welcome to the site! It sounds like you've had a very busy and exciting life so far, traveling a lot! Welcome back to the States, and it's great to have you here. I wear diapers most of the time, too, and I can empathize with the comfort and relaxation of it. Very happy that you've found your calling in life, too. We need lots of good nurses!

    Other than reading, do you have any other hobbies, or is there anything else you enjoy? As you can tell by my name, one of my favorite things is music. Wishing you the very best!


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    Default Newbie here

    Hi Caroline, welcome to ADISC,

    That was a great introduction.

    I also love reading in the same kind of genres, and I worked in Libraries for a number of years. Do you have any author recommendations?

    ~ Puppyluvs

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    Thanks for the warm welcome!

    Zipperless- I never actually made it to the pyramids the whole time I lived in Egypt. I am almost embarrassed to admit that! I lived in Alexandria and Sharm El Sheikh (by the Red Sea) and I hated going to Cairo. It's so hot and crowded. Literally it can take you hours to cross the city. I saw the Pyramids though lots of times on the train and such! I have been all over France and Switzerland. I spent lots of time in Paris. It's beautiful and even though everyone says the French are stuck up, that wasn't the case in my experience. It may have helped that I spoke it pretty fluently though! I also traveled around Europe as much as could. I've been to London, Rome, Munich, Barcelona etc. I traveled so much because of my medical condition. I was born with my bladder deformed although they managed to fix that eventually and also with only one kidney that never worked correctly. I had to start dialysis a little over 3 years ago so until a transplant (which I am not currently eligible for due to other medical conditions) international travel isn't in the cards for me. Dialysis isn't that big of a deal though. I do it myself, at home, at night. I learned how to stick myself with the very large needles an so it's really just more of a time commitment than anything else (I dialyze much more frequently than most people who go to a center. It makes me feel better and is the best kind for your body etc)

    Dungion, I will hopefully be starting nursing school next spring. Sorry for the confusion. I am taking all the pre-reqs that I wasn't required with my other majors. I was never a fan of science or math so my other majors have been French, Education, Special Education and History.....I've taken all the basic entry level classes but there were higher math classes that I needed and then I have to retake chemistry and biology (since it's been more than 9 years since I took those) and I wanted to do those before I was accepted into nursing school. I was up in the air with a transplant as well but since that has been taken off the table it makes it easier to make the decision. I could take these classes along with the nursing classes but I figure it will be easier to focus if I don't have so many classes. Plus with dialysis my brain is always a bit fuzzy! That's very cool about your wife. I will be going to a community college and then transferring to my old university to do the 1 year bachelor program. I may even get my masters. I love being in school lol.

    BachBrahms, I love music as well. I played violin for 14 years. I wanted to play cello but I started when I was 4 so I was too little. Bach's prelude of cello suite #1 is one of my favorite pieces of music. I learned how to play it on violin and it's just gorgeous. I also love Vivaldi, Beethoven and Pachelbel. I love to cook. I don't know if that counts as a hobby. I wanted to be a chef when I was about 10 so I have loved cooking since then. I stopped that dream though when I realized how much presentation goes into it and I suck at presentation! I just want it to taste good!

    Puppyluvs, I am terrible at remembering names. I will have to look through my Kindle tomorrow. Off the top of my head I love Karin Slaughter, Jonathon Kellerman and Lee Child for mysteries. The most recent autobiography I read was Unorthodox about Hisidic Jews. It was super interesting. I haven't read any good historical fiction in a while though. Maybe you have some suggestions for me?

    Thanks again all for the warm welcome! I look forward to interacting with you guys on the site!!

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    Welcome, you picked a good career, you certainly won't have a problem finding work as a nurse! I agree...sleeping diapered always makes for a better nights sleep!


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    Welcome to ADISC, Caroline!

    I kinda know this problems, if you don't know which major you should take finally. Especially if you can't even decide, should it be something "social", about healthcare or economy stuff, in my case.
    I'm glad that you found it at least after 4 times changing! ^_^

    Surely cooking counts as an hobby! What's your favourite dishes, if I may ask? Are there some things you rather like to buy, instead of cooking them yourself? And do you try some new things from time to time? Would be nice to know !

    Playing the violin is great! Sadly i don't know anyone anymore, who's playing it, except my old music teacher. People are rather into guitars these days ^_-, though, i like them too. I used to play piano by the way, but haven't played for some years now... kinda hard if you can't afford one, since i'm still a student.
    Anyway, do you also like modern music? If you do, what's your favourites, if I may ask?

    Have fun in our little community!

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