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    The last thread is closed I open another one!!

    I have recently attended a Truck Driving School and graduated with a Class A I was issued a 2012 Peterbilt that is sweet to drive and goes down the road quite nice. Anyway my question is for those who drive while diapered is it worth it. So far i know that I do not shower daily and that could be a problem when it comes to wearing full time. Would hate to leak on the seat and be distracted.

    Semi drivers out there what are your thoughts??


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    If you have a cabin in the back, you can wash yourself with wet wipes.
    Wear good diapers and you won't leak.
    In case you could put an absorbant sheet on the seat.

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    I do not drive truck but do often do long hauls fo 15 - 10 hours at a time. I do wear a very good quality diaper to save time on the trips with boosters inside.

    As mentioned above putting a sheet on the seats a great idea! I have installed vinyl seats so clean up is easy of any spill as I HATE cloth!

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