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Thread: Help me pick the right diaper?

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    Default Help me pick the right diaper?

    so, after much deliberation I've decided to buy some real, high quality adult diapers before the semester ends. I don't really intend to be in a diaper for a very long period of time.. just enough to wet, and if possible play for a bit and have a little fun. I want something with decent swell, but I don't want to go and buy something meant for heavy all day wetting.. it just seems like a waste, you know? If anyone has any suggestions let me know!

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    i haven't tried that many diapers that are top quality but i wear tena slip super and they work well can take 2-3 wets and easy to buy in store you can get plus that holds less wets and maxi that is the top end of absorbency so it gos plus>super>maxi,
    i dono if you have tried them and you are looking for items online coz that's where the best quality will be but quality = more money and i hear the good ones online hold a lot to so it depends on that really unless u want pull ups then i would go drynites hope this helped =)

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    If you want a good quality diaper that will last you for three to five hours a day of average wear, try Tranquility ATN.

    If you want reasonably good quality on a budget, you can try Attends 10, or Tranquility Select.

    Still looking for more value? Shop your local thrift stores and buy the highest quality you can on the cheap.

    Want a large multipack with high capacity at a god price at a local place? Try the Walgreens Certainty brief, which runs rather larger in size.

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    I agree with the Tranquility ATN. If you go to vitality medical's website, they have ridiculously cheap prices for diapers, although I don't know where you live and what their shipping fees are like.

    I would recommend Abena M2's (or L2 if you wear a large, etc.). If you go to xp medical, it can be a little pricey, but I really like them for their quality. Normally i'd recommend going to the M3 or M4, but the M2 is the cheapest of the three sizes while still holding a reasonable amount so you'll get the best bang for your buck. Plus XP Medical has testing specifications so you can compare padding side by side based on statistics.

    If you like play diapers that won't be worn for very long, AB Universe has some good diapers to use for that purpose, and while it seems pricey at first, you can get a bunch of coupons and end up with it all becoming relatively cheap in the end total.

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    3rd on the ATNs a good reasonably priced choice that offers better than store brand fun.

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    can anyone give me any insight on bambino?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tappedland View Post
    can anyone give me any insight on bambino?
    I think they're great but I'd say they haven't been mentioned thus far is your initial post. They are fairly expensive and high capacity, which sounds like the sort of diaper you wouldn't get full use out of. Even their baseline products are among the higher capacity diapers available. For what you're asking, I'd suggest looking at Adult Diapers | Adult Briefs | Adult Incontinence Products by Wellness Briefs or Tena Slip Maxis (currently available from Bambino). These are more serious than what you could get in a store but less likely to be what you would call a waste.

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    Personally I like the Tranquility ATN's. They have great bulk and swell although I am also fond of Unique Wellness briefs as well. But ATN's are they have a better rustle in my opinion! I also like Molicares but those are more expensive although you can get samples from for only $3.95 plus shipping so you can try a couple of different kinds and see which ones you like the best before you spend money on a whole bag.

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    Price is something I am acutely aware of when it comes to diapers claiming to be premium, what you're interested in is price per diaper and cloth versus plastic and actual premiumness. Personally I like plastic backed and the best plastic backed for the price in my opinion when accounting for quality are the Abena M3 or L3 for large depending on your size. You can shop around but essentially xp medical is the best deal if you're looking to buy Abena off the Internet. Sadly they don't make plastic backed in the smaller sizes any more. Also the M2's aNd L2's are now all cloth backed as well

    M3's are $1.04 each
    L3's are $1.15 each

    Having not tried the Tranquility I don't know if they would qualify as premium but they sure are cheap at

    Tranquility ATN mediums come out to $.69 each
    Large are $.83 each

    Of course when you do your math. Figuring in shipping costs.

    Point being I guess, do the math because you can spend upwards of $2 for some "premium" diapers and all they are is thick.

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    Has anyone used the Depend fitted with tabs? I saw some in my local market basket and am thinking of picking up a pack......aren't they plastic backed too?

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