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Thread: Pedophiles

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    Default Pedophiles

    Is pedophilia bad, but misunderstood? I'm not 100% sure where I stand, but the second they harm a child is the second I lose all sympathy. What do you think about pedophiles? (I voted other)
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    I don't think there is any question that pedophilia is wrong. Your poll seems fairly biased toward the first option, though. I'd think pedophiles don't want to be attracted to children, but they are. In and of itself, being a pedophile doesn't make you a bad person.

    Obviously if you act on your urges and harm a child, that does make you a bad person. I think pedophiles should seek psychological and/or spiritual help to cope with their problems. It would suck to be attracted to someone who couldn't be with you even if he/she consented.

    But, I have no sympathy for those who have harmed children. There's a reason that n prison, even the murderers and robbers look down on them.

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    There's a reason why people go to jail for having kidsex pics on their computers.

    It isn't because they took the picture.

    It isn't because they made the kids in the picture do sexual stuff.

    It's (partially) because getting sexually arroused from children is incredibly abhorent behavior. And most people with these urges, act on them at least once in their lifetime.

    It's also (partially) because by having such images on their computer, they're supporting the creation of, and distribution of, said images.

    On a scale of 1-10, pedophilia is a 48, and I personally think prison is too good for these people. If you take the innocence of a child by tearing up their insides with your oversized adult bits, you deserve to have your life taken. Slowly. Painfully.

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    I am in favor of very long prison sentences for child molesters. I do not believe in capital punishment, but depending on the severity, they really deserve to be in a horrible prison for ruining the childhood of an innocent victim.

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    Butterfly Mage


    As an actual abuse survivor, I think a bullet to the brain is the only way pedophiles can be contained and controlled.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butterfly Mage View Post
    As an actual abuse survivor, I think a bullet to the brain is the only way pedophiles can be contained and controlled.
    But does murder really make it right? What's so bad about life in a rotten prison? Does the state truly have the right to murder, which is EVIL, to show that crime is wrong, when technically they are in essence committing a crime?

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    I don't think we should accept it, but I really don't think we should hunt them down either.
    Pedophilia is a mental disorder, and a very serious one at that.
    What we need to do is get them mental help before they do any harm to children.
    I'm not saying that just because they have a sexual lust for children they will act on their fantasies, but I'm sure having their sexuality repressed for so long will put them at a high risk for it, meaning they probably will start getting involved with Child Pornography and possibly even Child Sexual Abuse.
    If they have already harmed the child, go hunt them down. They ruined someones life and they need to pay for that.
    They need to be thrown and in jail before we can give them help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butterfly Mage View Post
    As an actual abuse survivor, I think a bullet to the brain is the only way pedophiles can be contained and controlled.
    I really am sorry to hear this, and I can understand the bias. I think that's one of the worst kinks to have. You can't exactly practice it legally. And I imagine not practicing it would slowly drive you mad. It's just a hard subject. If we just kill them though, it's still destroying a life. I really wish there was a way to keep this from happening. You can say is it fair to not do anything because they could very likely harm a kid. But on the other hand just incriminating them even though they haven't done anything isn't right either... So it all comes down to what opinion do you support.

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    I don't have anything against pedophiles who don't ever act on their urges.

    To be honest, I think society is making things much much worse for children. People seem to hate pedophiles to an irrational degree. I'd say if pedophiles could get proper anonymous help and support they'd be less likely to act on their urges. They should be allowed harmless pictures (not real, drawings or computer art etc.) too, and why that's illegal is just confusing to me. Surely we want pedophiles to be able to relieve their urges in a harmless way?

    Pedophiles are kind of like a punching bag that we can relieve our hate onto. If you hunted down a pedophile and beat the shit out of them, a lot of people would see that as being virtuous(!).
    People don't care about children either, that's pure bollocks. Ever heard of Perverted Justice? They basically pretend to be children online, and have pedos try to make it with them and then report them when they start saying illegal things. They make a note of pedophiles who have left prison and they tell the local communities of where they live all about them, ringing up schools etc.
    Arguable a good thing (although perhaps wrong since it's surely the job of the police), and they claim it's in name of protecting children etc etc.
    Well I visited Perverted Justice and was quite disturbed by the place. Their motivation is not to do with children at all, they seem to get some sort of sick pleasure from what they are doing. It's purely a hate thing.

    I made a thread like this one there (oh yes ) when I was sick of the place. Surprisingly I wasn't banned, but it got locked in minutes and I was basically told that there was no debate about it. The admin was fairly rational (and perhaps not hate-driven), but there's some nutcases on that site.

    Based on what most people say, I'd say this is a hate thing for most people. I think we are almost conditioned to hate them, we have to hate some group.

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    Mandatory psychiatric care, with indeterminate detention at the discretion of two licensed psychological professionals who specialise in pedophilia. In-patient care if said professionals believe the patient represents a threat to himself or others. Out-patient care for patients who progress well in their therapy, with harsh reprisals for breaking probation/approaching a child/viewing child pornography and so on. But it does need to be anonymous--pedophiles have serious mental problems, but the stigma attached to pedophilia is so great that pedophiles cannot seek help as the situation stands.

    I also think the government ought to offer (although never mandate, as it would be cruel and a violation of human rights) chemical, or even surgical, castration, with release conditional on improvement. I'm not in favour of hunting anyone down like a dog. Once you have captured someone, I do not believe there is a justified reason to kill them.

    Not sure how I feel about allowing virtual child pornography--my finding it repulsive is no grounds at all for banning it. By the same token, I worry that it will excite pedophiles' feelings and make them more likely to want to take advantage of children. Pornography tends to desensitize viewers, so they escalate their consumption (in terms of both quantity and intensity). Ordinarily this doesn't necessarily pose a major threat to society (although Cynthia McKinnon and Andrea Dworkin would differ with me on this), but where children are concerned, I'm not sure we should tolerate even fictional representation of child abuse or young children having sex. It is a very, very fine line though, as some cinematic depictions of children aren't eroticised (or aren't intended to be erotic), and you run the risk of banning legitimate forms of art which *aren't* about child abuse. The obscenity distinction is notoriously difficult to map, and it's so subjective that it's arguable we can't justifiably ban virtual child pornography. It's difficult to hold an intellectually consistent position against virtual child pornography, while believing non-pedophilic pornography is A OK.

    I agree with Charlie F that we're conditioned to hate pedophiles, but I'm not sure how to handle that hatred. Education in the fact that they are monsters with significant psychological problems, perhaps, but hatred of pedophilia serves a useful societal purpose. It is in everyone's interest to prevent child abuse. On the other hand, it's arguable that such hatred is countrproductive, as pedophiles can't get the help they need.

    All hellishly complex, isn't it?

    I'm terribly sorry to anyone here who is a victim of child abuse. I do not in any way wish to marginalise your past and your abuse.

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