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Thread: Hello, Im new! (Canada)

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    Default Hello, Im new! (Canada)

    Hello, Im a a very discrete person (as you may notice by my username). i do live in New Brunswick, Canada and i would love to meet people that enjoy the same passions as i do in the area.

    My hobbies are Gaming, Mountain Biking, Swimming and snowboarding! I am a DL i do not participate in any baby activities so i am not a AB/TB i just enjoy diapers and feel secure and relaxed.

    I am very talented with computers (Web/Graphic design, Servers etc.) I hope to pursue a career in the military as a pilot. If not then either game designing or a police officer.

    I am straight, looking for a relationship with someone that share the same hobbies and accept my diaper fetish. I would like to have kids some day but still not be carried away and destroyed by my secret. Especially were im still attending high school, last thing i need is my life ruined.

    I do have a post already and would love some advice so please:

    Thanks and hope to speak with some of you soon!

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    A fellow Canadian!!!
    Those are always welcome here ...along with pretty much everyone else, but I get excited lol.

    I am a fellow Canuck from Ontario, so perhaps not really in the area, but nonetheless we share the same Steve.

    You have a lot of interests!! I love biking in general, haven't ever done mountain biking but I would be keen to try it. Snowboarding on the other hand, I absolutely could do for ages on end. I'm not yet very good, but still, such a rush for me.

    Talents with computers are generally always very useful and I'm glad to see that you have such nice passionate ambitions and dreams, especially for someone in highschool. My cousin is a police officer. It's not very exciting in his case, but still very good benefits and stability.

    I hope that you do find this sort of relationship. I can say first hand that being able to share such an (Read: awesome) interest definitely can bring two people closer together if handled in a sane way, and feel incredible. Even just finding someone who doesn't necessarily share the interest but is very open to everything can be extremely rewarding, We aren't really a dating site, but we have witnessed a few people go from being close friends to ...more . It's pretty well totally possible to start up a family, yet maintain a level of complete privacy and live a normal life. There are dozens of people on here every day who have managed just that, so don't think of it as a secret that would destroy you, perhaps. Rather a side of yourself that is far more interesting than the average joe's secrets.

    Great introduction, by the way. You really come across as a laid back and interesting person, and we never can get enough of those. :]

    Are you considering university after you finish highschool ? Any particular degrees you are interested in, or just generally looking to fast-forward to your end goals?

    I am a pure DL as well, so know that there are zillions of us here, amongst the very vocal AB's and IC's

    I hope that you really find wonderful friends/support, anything you are seeking here.


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    Yes, good intro, and yay, another Canuck. Sites like this definitely up the odds of running into people of similar interests, occupation, experiences, and location. Enjoy

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    Ah, certainly is refreshing to have another canadian! Especially from the maritimes let alone New Brunswick! I don't think there is enough of us around here, maybe I should start recruiting! :P

    I like gaming as well, what are some of your favourite games?

    I would have to say right now I'm quite addicted to Civilization V...

    Hope to hear back from you soon, enjoy your time on ADISC!

    - Lobie

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    I like most of the gun games (COD,Battlefield, Assassins creed etc.)

    Where you from in the maritimes?

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