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Thread: nocturnal emission in diaper

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    Default nocturnal emission in diaper

    last night, I woke up in the middle of the night right in the middle of a nocturnal emission. it was nuts! i had a dream that i was at a picnic at the park and it was so sunny and spring. Well, I remembered in the dream i was laying on the lap of this lady, and I could smell her perfume that was so sweet. When she hugged me, that is when I woke up and found out that I had the nocturnal emission. I turned cross eyed and went back to sleep. Hahaha! Have you guys had that while diapered?

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    Nope to old for that. Lucky if it ever comes up.

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    What age are you still getting those at? I didn't realize they happen to people past age 14(ish).

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    I remember going through puberty having that happen .....

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    I heard if you don't masturbate often then you are subject to more nocturnal emissions. If you masturbate regularly they can seem to disappear altogether. Anyway, I'm female so this obviously has never occurred with me!

    My brain gave me dreams though of being in diapers because they were on while I was sleeping. It's similar to hearing a sound outside and incorporating it into your dream. So that's probably the reason for why he dreamt of being diapered - because he was in one at the time. It's not a 100% all the time thing, but once in a while my brain decides to make me diapered in my dream world. It's kind of fun, but kind of disturbing - because it can make me feel embarrassed or scared, like when you dream you're naked in public. It's not a great dream for people who aren't into that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AEsahaettr View Post
    What age are you still getting those at? I didn't realize they happen to people past age 14(ish).
    It can happen to older people, though it's much less common. I didn't have my first one until I was about 20.

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    I had nocturnal emissions through my early teenage years, although they are not uncommon in older people, aswell.
    People who are sexually active, either alone or with a partner and suddenly stop are prone, regardless of age.
    So overall, it's nothing to be worried of, although personally I find it was discomforting, having to get out the comfort of my bed to change into another pair of underwear or whatever.

    That sure beats having one when you're commando.
    True, true.

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    Nocturnal emissions: fun to have until you actually wake up and realize you are soaked -_-

    I suppose if you have one in a diaper then there's not really a downside to it other than waking up from what sounds like a relatively enjoyable dream.

    I don't get NE anymore, but then again I don't wear diapers to bed that often. So, if I ever get an emission, it is not pleasant at all because it just disrupts my sleep and ruins my pants.

    When I work at this Summer Camp I go to though, I will occasionally get them because I don't really have a chance to 'get my rocks off' at a Boy Scout camp. That combined with all the healthy food and exercise increases my sex drive and comes out in terrible timing. It's ironic because that's the only place I tend to have them, and it's the only place I really don't want to have them. lol

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