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Thread: Ever find the urge fading? I have...

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    Default Ever find the urge fading? I have...

    As I get older, I'm starting to see my AB persona fade, and a more daddy-like persona take over.o

    I've not worn a diaper in some time. I've not played baby in two years, as I find beer, football and my life overall to be more enjoyable than just being a baby. I find that as I get older, the baby side of me dies, and that a new role emerges.

    I find myself wanting more to be a daddy more than a baby, I dunnknow. I guess it does happen, but well, I guess I've outgrown the baby role.

    I was wondering if others ever felt that way? As I get older, I find myself thinking more about settling down than diapers, and being a baby.


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    Interesting topic wildthing, kind of surprised no one has posted in it yet.

    Although I am only 21 and considereda young adult, I have seen my 'persona for abdl' change some as well. Except not exactly in the way you are talking about. When I first discovered I was an abdl at 12 I thought I was just a dl for a year, then I realized there was also a baby side to me. By time I was 14 I then discovered the third side of enjoying roleplay as a daddy for baby girls. As I went through my adolescence, my daddy side was very strong and still is, to be honest I enjoy being a daddy more than being a baby. But that has always been like that. The difference is, the grap between how much I like being the baby and how much I like being the daddy has come closer. I love being a daddy more than I ever have, but I am also expeirmenting with my baby side with in the past year more than I ever have.

    Overall I have seen my love for being a daddy grow stronger too, but also have seen my side for being a baby grow too. Except at this point I would still choose being a daddy for a baby girl than to be a baby for a mommy, it is a no brainer. Although I would enjoy both. It will be interesting to see as I get older if and how that will change.

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    a couple ab friends of mine expressed the exact same idea as you wild thing, they were also unable to explain it.

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    Default Never really faded for me.

    My interest level changes with experience, participation level, and the seasons.

    My interests have changed since I first started buying diapers. At first, the novelty of having diapers that fit was good enough. As that wore off, I started wearing more often. Eventually, wearing diapers during normal activities became boring. After wearing a diaper to bed every night for many years, I started to no longer want to do that as often.

    The level of participation also changes my interest level. After a period of higher participation, my desire drops off for a while. Right after wearing diapers for almost a month straight, a diaper was the last thing that I wanted to wear. The urge returned again. This is sometimes called the "Binge/Purge Cycle". For me, the purge portion is usually not applicable, but the binges do occur. This usually closely matches my diaper supply. When I restock, the binge occurs. After the initial shock wears off, there is a temporary lower level followed by a return to normal. This continues until my supply starts running low. At this point, the "Binge" starts building again. The size is directly proportional to the quantity purchased for some strange reason.

    The seasonal affect is due to seasonal activities and the weather. During the hottest portion of the summer, wearing a diaper away from air conditioning is not comfortable. During the coldest portion of the year, the extra warmth is a welcome bonus. Laying in bed snuggling when it is cold outside is an excellent winter pastime. During the moderate portions of the year, I am more level planed with my interests. During the times of the year when I am more active outside, I am less likely to wear diapers. For the more social times, I am also less active in this. During my vacations, I am most active.

    Beyond these factors, I cannot really say that my interests have waned. While other things sometimes take precedence, this always remains.

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    My interest in diapers has never waned. A couple of times I wished it would, I threw away all my supplies a few times when I was younger, but eventually I realized that I was not alone and became more accepting of who I was. I am sure now that diaper interest is with me for life.

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    Yep. I posted a thread about my personal experience with this a few months ago. Basically, I gathered all my stuff up, gave it to a friend who's a very active AB, and told him I had six months to request the non-disposable stuff back, and he was free to use it in the meantime.

    That was in August and so far I've only been tempted once and that only lasted a few minutes.

    I don't know. Our interests can change as we get older. That's true of hobbies and sports, and I guess it can be true of fetishes or infantilism as well. The needs that were being met by it are no longer there, and perhaps we enter relationships that are enjoyable without introducing diapers. Our thoughts turn more to the day-to-day realities and needs of our lives and less to fantasies.

    Most of my friends who ID themselves as ABs or DLs say that their interests have changed. Even if they still want to wear, the way they think about diapers is not the same as it was when they were 5 or 10 or 15 or whenever and first began realizing they liked them.

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    i'm kinda the same way but the thing is that i havent wore adiaper in 4 months cause my mom found out and i havent really had any chance to wear any.

    but in my case when i do get the chance and i do put one on its like putting it on for the first time like i just and all that stuff.

    but the funny thing is i really like that leap frog guy on tv idk why lol, but i always tense up with alittle bit of excitment.

    the thing is ill always have the baby side to me and it burns with a passion,its jsut hte diaper thing makes me feel liek a braking a thresh hold to the tb/ab side of me all over.

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    Well, for me I think a lot of my adult life has taken over. Plus, my hobbies, and other interests have taken over. I have also had more fun with more adult things too myself. I guess the desires to wear diapers have faded, especially since I think the AB thing was a way I would deal with my incontinence. However; that has faded.

    However, as I got older, I found I felt I was more a daddy than baby. I think more of finding a baby girl than sitting around in a diaper pretending to be a baby. If I were to find someone to baby me, then I would consider it but I feel the odds of that are like the odds of a Cleveland sports championship in my lifetime. SKY HIGH.

    I prefer more adult entertainment than kiddie shows as I find them BOOOORING. I'd never watch Hannah Montana, or anything like that geared towards kids. I'd rather watch Hill Street Blues, Dallas, CHiPs, and other shows. I have also not worn a diaper in two years. I have not done anything babyish in two years. With the exception of sleeping with my blankie and my whale... I've done that FOREVER, and do not consider that AB.

    This has never for me been the binge/purge cycle. Never did do that. I still have my baby things, but their locked up. I don't need them at this time in my life. I'm not sure what to say. Only that maybe cause my life is on track for the first time, and I finally am happy. Maybe that has something to do with it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by daria7483 View Post
    Yep. I posted a thread about my personal experience with this a few months ago. Basically, I gathered all my stuff up, gave it to a friend who's a very active AB, and told him I had six months to request the non-disposable stuff back, and he was free to use it in the meantime.
    I read that thread, and to be honest it seems like girls have a binge and purge cycle more than guys. They try to give it up either more freqeuntly, or for longer periods of times. It pretty much always had to do with their current partner too, or has to do with dating relationships in some shape or form. Girls are judged by what they wear and the fashion they use, and how they take care of themselfs. Alot of 'normal' guys would look down at wearing diapers as something very out of style cause only old people wear them (so they think) and that it is very unhygenic (when really it is not). So girls seem to get self concious about wanting guys to accept them, so they force themselfs to surpress their diaper and/or baby urges. To me it makes me sad when I see this, cause ab/dl girls are already so few and now their pretty much going extinct!

    Overall after being in the community for about a decade, I have noticed girls do this all out because of self esteem and social acceptance issues, cause they generally care about social status more. Well I guess I will drop it there, cause it is kind of a touchy subject for me, I hate seeing people do this, specially girls.

    I do have one qeustion for you....if you have given up everything since auguest, then why the heck have you felt the urge to stick around here? I mean no offense but if I was not into that stuff anymore (which would never happen, and I still have yet to see urges dissapear in anyone, I think its litterally impossible), then I would be gone here pretty quick.

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    I haven't observed the binge/purge cycle more in women than guys, but I don't pay much attention to who's binging and purging anyway so maybe that is the case. My personal belief is that we girls generally have it easier as AB/DLs, at least when it comes to acceptance from a boyfriend. I think a lot of guys tend to think of their girlfriends/wives as someone who they have to take care of, at least a little bit, so they get into the babying somewhat or are at least OK with the idea of it. Whereas women, when introduced to the idea of a guy wearing diapers, are more likely to just see it as being ridiculous. They tend to not think of the guy as someone who they want to take care of as much. At least that's my theory.

    Honestly, I think my own boyfriend would be just fine with me wearing. But I haven't bothered to tell him because I'm not interested in it anyway, and I don't see any point in introducing it when I'm not going to wear.

    Why do I stick around here? I dunno. The socializing? I still enjoy being a part of the community. And the discussion here goes much deeper than "which diaper is the best?" Besides, I'm still very interested in the AB/DL community, just don't much feel like participating.

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