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    Has anyone tried the new Totaldry Plus? I ordered a sample pack and had a somewhat negative experience. I had wet it twice, fairly standard amount (for me) each time, and while sitting on my bed I had a small leak. I think the leak happened out the back of the diaper.

    Over all, they had the standard Bambino fit (which imo isn't that great). However, it had something I've been looking for, the features of a high quality diaper (namely padded wings), but still thin enough to be discreet for daytime wearing. leaks happen, so its not enough for me to say nay nay for this diaper, though the fit does get a nay nay. If you like Bambino and are looking for something thinner, I'd suggest giving them a try.

    I'd like to explain my issues with how Bambino diapers fit, and here what you have to say. Bambino used to be my #1 diaper, but a few years back I believe they switched to new machinery and the fit changed. I'm a medium, but when I get mediums they I don't think the sides (wings) come far enough to the front and thus it feels like they are very tight. I also don't think they come up high enough on the waist. I wonder if an extra inch on the wings to solve my first problem would help with the height on the waist issue. The last issue I have with them is the tapes being too close together. So basically, the mediums feel too small, however, larges are still too big. Does anyone else have these same issues? I'm wondering if its Bambino, or just my body type. I say Bambino because mediums in any other brand are fine.

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    Hi, bugatti. You raise some very valid points, actually.

    Back when I wore Bambino, I was always uncomfortable with the hip ratio from the double-tier tape system.

    Over the years I lost a sigificant amount of weight and could squeeze into medium diapers. I tried a Bambino Classico medium sample, only to find one difference: Bambino changes the size of the front of the diaper only.

    And no, the Bambino did not fit well, tore while wearing, and often bit into my crotch and thighs on the bottom. So, I began my hellish search for a 1-tape per side diaper and found the AB Universe Super Dry Kids to fit my hips right on.

    That's right, the product I doubted most in buying turned out to be very good.

    And yes, you are correct that a couple years ago, Bambino began a less expensive manufacturing process to streamline their production. The quality of all models went down slightly. I know. I tried them. And it's most evident in the plastic and taping system.

    It's still a decent ABDL product, and still quite popular. In fact, it was the first actual ABDL premium product I used nearly six years ago.

    Today I am not sold on the good value of the pricing because of the worse fit despite the performance increase.

    Can anyone chime in on this? Bambino products work brilliantly for many other ABDLs.

    I wish I could try the Dry 27/7 products, but I haven't gotten around to ordering them. I did, however two years ago try the Unique Wellness (same product essentially) hybrid sample in the mail.

    And yes, this was a product that had plastic backing, but cloth-like velcro fasteners instead of traditional tape.

    The fit was great because of it's incredible suppleness, but it left me feeling numb because after awhile you couldn't feel it on you.

    That and it was deadly silent. No crinkle.

    You also could not wear it to bed over night since rolling around shredded the velcro grip's surfaces and it would fall apart.

    Maybe I should order a case of the new stuff someday and test it out. Dry24/7 has had a few years to evolve since it first came out.

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    I ordered a sample pack, too. I have only used one and I think may have tried to stretch it too far as it ripped on the side. I wear M and ordered M but it seemed a little smaller than the previous Bambinos I have worn. It held three wettings with no leaks, but the absorbancy wasn't as great as the other Bambino products. I think this is a great daytime diaper (I wore at night) as it is less bulky and has little crinkle, but I think it will need to be changed more often. 3 diaper pins on a 5 pin scale.

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    the absorbancy might not be as good as other bambino products because it is a thinner day time diaper and not a thick night time diaper. this diaper is thicker than the tena maxi and the tapes are bigger and better than the maxi. this diaper costs 70 cents per diaper so if it needs to be changed more often its worth it for the price you pay. Te maxi costs as much as a bambino

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    I tried the other sample last night and was much more pleased than the first one. It was a tight fit, which I like, and held a before bed wetting, a midde of the night wetting and the morning release. After the middle of the night wetting and especially the morning one, I could feel sloshiness in the diaper but it never leaked. Also, after the night wetting, I went back to sleep and when I woke up this morning, the liquid had spread around the diaper and it wasn't all bulky in front like a lot of the others I have tried. I still wouldn't trust it for an overnight diaper or for more than three good wettings, but for day wear I think it's a good diaper. You can't beat the price, either! I up my rating to 4 diaper pins.

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