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Thread: Tips for starting in the AB/DL lifestyle?

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    Default Tips for starting in the AB/DL lifestyle?

    I've been thinking for a while, what would be some good tips for going to get into the AB/DL lifestyle (i.e. getting the diapers, onesies and all that good stuff) and what would you personally recommend?

    I ask this since I don't know any real good sites to get these items from and I would like to get some ideas for when I do try to get these items in the future when circumstances end up making me able to fully get into the AB/DL lifestyle.

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    Well...for diapers, ordering on-line from XP-Medical is always good, Bambino's are great too. I'm more of a DL so I don't have a onesie, although I admit that I'd love one! I hear Target makes them for adults, but I'm sure there are better places to oder them on-line.

    Good Luck.


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    take a look at these sites . they have a really big selection of adultbaby clothes like onesies sleepers and other baby/kids clothes i have been buying from there and im really happy with it . and they have both diapers and clothes . and have clothes i have also have been buying from there a really good place too . and luck

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    Some advice that I took was not to waste my time on cheap products. I ordered Abenas for my first diapers. I can imagine that, depending on the situation, it may be far more practical to pick up something like Depends locally, but they are far less diaperish and effective, so it doesn't seem worth it to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeverKnow View Post
    Some advice that I took was not to waste my time on cheap products. I ordered Abenas for my first diapers. I can imagine that, depending on the situation, it may be far more practical to pick up something like Depends locally, but they are far less diaperish and effective, so it doesn't seem worth it to me.
    In that area, the advice that I would offer is not to take advice too seriously. ABDL preferences are extremely personal and may have little to do with matters of practicality (I happen to like plastic outer shell Depends with tapes at times). Hearing from others on what's available is great and getting practical information is helpful but it's personal in the end. The best disposable with a faux cloth cover is going to be a near miss with me but for someone else it might be the best thing ever. We can share information, but each ABDL "lifestyle" is a product of our own idiosyncracies and any advice has to be evaluated in terms of our own preferences. Sometimes, you just have to give things a try.

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    Just a small hint: He's from Tasmania- Australia, so it's a little bit hard to use american shops, I imagine. Or just with some really high carriage costs.

    Anyway, i'm sorry, i don't know any australian site at all. Maybe you could check some price comparison websites? That's the only thing that crossed my mind spontaneously.... or simply on ebay.

    Besides that i wouldn't rush things, maybe just start with diapers (ofc), a binky (if you even want to have one at all) and an onesie or a footed pajama. Minimizing the all of sudden awkward feeling, perhaps ^_-

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    Budget. AB things are bloody expensive and at first the temptation to buy everything you have always wanted is there and it will be powerful but the hole it will leave in your bank account will be horrible if you go overboard. I'd also advise that you read up on Binge/Purge cycles and familiarise yourself with them, also read up on ways to hide things if that is necessary because both of these are useful pieces of information for any new AB/DL.

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    Okay, I'm loving the responses I've found on here so far. I'm just saying right now, sites like Bambino that don't ship outside of the United States or Canada won't really work for me.

    But I will ask, would the ones on this site be any good? Home Page - The Worlds Best AB/DL Superstore

    Also @littlebboy88: Are the Cuddlz diapers absorbent?

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    Also @littlebboy88: Are the Cuddlz diapers absorbent?
    i will say the drydayz diapers are really absorbent.the alloverprinted diapers absorb ok too but not as much as the drydayz.and myself and others have found that the tapes dont stick very well on the alloverprinted diapers so I would recommend the drydayz you could try a sample pack to see if you will like them or both?
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    To answer the original poster's question, multiple lifestyle factors need to be addressed:

    1. Your basic desire: calculating how often you dream of practicing the ABDL lifestyle, and calculating the actual times and days you can work it into your schedule in frequent moderation. Be realistic about what to expect and how deep you'd ever want to go.

    2. Experience: what knowledge do you have currently, and what kinds of facts do you wish to research about? How can you beneficially apply such knowledge to your life as a whole internally and externally?

    For example, what are the current market buying trends, the most common and most different manufacturing processes, and the cellulose (fluff) to sodium polyacrylate (absorbant gel crystals) ratios?

    How can you make this relative to your goals?

    3. Budget: How much money can you realistically save and set aside each month? Start small, maybe $10 to $20, and learn to shop smart.

    Visit thrift and discount stores in your area and buy some products that fit you, no matter the grade.

    Wear them, experiment with them. Learn their performance and durability. Even buy and try local retail products. Note their level of quality and performance. Note the general and long-term costs that add up.

    Performance versus price is a good benchmark.

    Research medical supply houses and pharmacies in your area. Email and call around for pricing and wholesale information.

    4. Premium: Then, budget bigger for a future purchase of a higher quality product. You might want to start with quality incontinence or medical brands such as Secure X-Plus or Tranquility, Attends or Prevail from the Internet's most famous vendors.

    5. Luxury: The final step would be to buy from specialty vendors such as Bambino or AB Universe who will give you the ultimate experience in ABDL diaper-wearing. Clothing and accessories can follow the same process of moving up.

    Note: Always look for discount codes or coupons online. You can often save a percentage on prices or shipping.

    This is general advice you can use. As always, we are here to answer your questions.

    As you'll notice though, many of us will know a great deal about one outlet, but not know a ton about ALL outlets of ABDL products.
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