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Thread: Hello I am From Oklahoma, I am here to meet new friends

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    Default Hello I am From Oklahoma, I am here to meet new friends

    Hello I look forward to meeting some new people and maybe meet some people from Oklahoma.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rosspyn View Post
    Hello I look forward to meeting some new people and maybe meet some people from Oklahoma.
    Welcome to adisc, I'm not from oklahoma but am just a couple of states north of ya. I'm sure you'll find plenty of nice people here and maybe some from Oklahoma. We all have interests outside of diapers and meeting people, for example I enjoy sports. I golf, bowl, and play hockey. I also enjoy watching hockey, football, and baseball. Once again I welcome to you and I hope you get what you want out of the site, and If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask, we're all really friendly here.

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    Well I may not exactly be from Oklahoma, or anywhere close mind you, but either way, WELCOME TO ADISC *insert fanfare here* ...

    Tell us about yourself, what do you enjoy besides diapers, what got you into this lifestyle, ever kill anyone? That sort of thing :P.
    Believe me we are a very friendly bunch here on a ADISC. I am sure you will quickly find your way around and make some friends/acquaintances and, if you are lucky, you'll make a good buddy from OK as well!

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    Hey ya rosspyn!

    I guess we're all here to make some new friends and get to know their interests in the end.
    Maybe you'd like to share something about yourself? Also non-*bdl related?

    You're obviously into Golf, drawing and travelling! I think these are really interesting free-time activities!
    Where have you already been, if i may ask? Which are the next countries you'd like to visit in the future?
    Myself, i really like Japan, sadly i haven't been there yet. I'm really curious about their culture.
    However i've been in the US a lot of times, since i'm from germany. I think it's a great country! But just way too many things to visit in the short time I could spare...

    Nonetheless have a lot of fun here, and of course welcome to ADISC!

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    Greetings from Nebraska, rosspyn. It's nice to see more new people like myself here, especially Midwesterners.

    Just out of curiosity, are you part Native American? I mean, you are in the nation's most infamous land of reservations.

    Me? Shucks, well I'm Chinese but look like a Mexican to those from south of the border. But I still live up north.

    How about you?

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