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Thread: Do you prefer peeing or pooping in your diaper better?

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    Default Do you prefer peeing or pooping in your diaper better?

    For me I like to poop in my diaper.

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    Default re: Do you prefer peeing or pooping in your diaper better?

    For me mostly peeing that is about 90% of the time , very rarely do I ever poop, don't really find enjoyment in pooping that much.

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    I also pee about 90% of the time. Don't like pooping and hate the cleanup. Although I have had a couple of accidents and glad I had a diaper on.

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    same with me. I prefer Peeing, though I do poop every once in awhile. like everyone else, I hate the cleanup

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    cleaning up isn't as hard as you think it is.

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    Actually it happened like twice to me (diarrhea)... and I'd prefer to shoot myself in the foot before I have to poop my diapers again.

    I simply fail to grasp why anyone would love any part about that. it completely eludes me - and that's ok - please no tries to explain why it's "good"... to me: it's simple way too nasty.

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    Oh my gawsh, I.. well.. there is the part of me that is saying "be a lady, gigglemuffinz" and that's saying that we must not speak of such things. It feels really embarrassing to talk about this subject, though I know this place is a safe place to do so and for many diapers are tied to this sort of thing. However, since the question is here I suppose I shall answer.

    My favorite is twosies. I like being a stinky butt sometimes, though I know it's not for everyone.

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    I like the feeling of both. Plus when pooping I'm not bothered by an erection (which is a problem when doing n1 xD). Cleanup isn't exactly pleasant, but I can deal with it.

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