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Thread: Baby bottle and paci

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    Default Baby bottle and paci

    Well I am still young have a steady job. Live with fam still. But I am wondering if I can use baby bottles and a baby oaci. Does it make a difference? I just can't order online because family would find out. Can you tell me if I can? Also I am talking about baby sized because I can't get yhe adult ones discreetly

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    Yeah, when you go to the store, just get the paci for the oldest age range, the bottle is easy. You may have to get a bigger nipple if it's to small though. My bottle was a baby bottle.

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    Ok thanks I just do not know if people use the baby ones instead of adult ones. Well after school I shall go to the store and buy my supplys

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    Has anyone or does anyone use baby paci's here because I feel super weird. The only thing I do at the moment is suck my thumb to sleep.

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    Baby bottles lose less for me than baby pacifiers bit everyone is different. I got myself a pacifier at the store years ago to see if it did anything for me. It was pretty much a non-experience. It was some time later when I finally decided to order a larger one online. The difference was pretty remarkable, and I'd consider myself something of a pacifier lover as a result (I don't find them particularly regressive, they're just sensually appealing).

    I would say give store bought a try, bit don't give up on either one if these don't float your boat. It might just be that you haven't found the right ones yet.

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    I rather enjoy my nuk 3, but would love to get a Nuk 5 in the near future. My paci is actually a nuk 2 shield with a nuk 3 nipple. It was a pain in the ass to modify it as nuk 2's are damn near indestructable. They didnt make nuk 3s with the leopard print shield so thats why I put so much time and effort into modding it. Nuk makes a bottle that matches my shield so I plan on getting that eventually too.

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    Now the hard part. Buying them at the only place near my work... well I can play the babysitting card

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    Yeah, i got underjams and powder last night and the clerk didn't bat an eye.

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    Well I work there though I am super nervous haha at school and sucking on my thumb knuckle feels soo nice and relaxing and hard to stop

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    I have manufactured my own big pacifier
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSC_0223.jpg 
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    and my own big bottle nipple with bottle
    Click image for larger version. 

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    They are perfect !!!

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